Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Citysoftball.wordpress.com Updated

Inwood's website http://citysoftball.wordpress.com/ has finally been updated after 3 weeks!!!!!!!! FINALLY!! But this begged lead softball analyst John Sheppard to ask the following questions

Top Ten Reasons it took so long to updated the Citysoftball Website
10. The Computer Makes the Schedule
9. We didn't have enough money to renew the site
8. The Computer Makes the Schedule - competitive balance very imp
7. Too Busy watching the Jets with all our fellow Goon fans

6. The Computer Makes the Schedule - your starting to get it right?
5. Distracted while spanning other websites
oh my bad I forgot this is a "family blog" - back to softball
4. The Computer Makes the Schedule - always stick to this line when you mess up - always
3. Too Busy shopping for the right Halloween costume What Can I say we are weird like that?

2. Gil hadn't shown up to Inwood yet we needed his feedback before updating anything

and the #1 Reason it took so long to updated the Citysoftball.com Website

1. None. We apologize. Thank you for your patience



  1. Does John Sheppard sing ? , He has a lovely voice !

  2. Rick dream with sucking john shepperd´s dicki.

  3. Is that a xxxl size hero costume?