Friday, September 10, 2010

"Miss Thing There is No Guest List Tonight"

The Inwood Softball Club will open for business this Sunday and our Velvet Ropehas an exclusive 14 team list that Ricky "Furio"has approved. So if you were lucky enough to contact Furio on your cell phone
and met our SB qualification then your all set to gain assess/entrance to our action packed spot. Otherwise I'm sorry but as Lil' Louis sang in 90s hit 'Club Lonely' "Miss Thing There is No Guest List Tonight"

Our SB spot
may not have the eye candy
of real world nightclubs, but there is still plenty of action
and entertainment to go around. If you are not on the list perhaps you can still make the best of your softball experience and go to one of our commercial ripoff competitors But I guarantee you it won't be the same, not even close. So I suggest your try and bribe a SB bouncer and try and get into our spot in the backdoor.

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