Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This blog is NOT for softball teams/players interested in playing in by far the best, fairest, and most affordable fall softball league in NYC - http://citysoftball.wordpress.com/.
Rather I want to inform all the Softball Sucker Marks out there about our competition (if you want to call them that) and let you know about their fall leagues so you can waste you money

So called Competition is as follows
#1 Yorkoff Fall Softball - Their website says "Fall softball will begin play the second week in September. The season fills up VERY FAST so get your registration and $$$$ in ASAP! It's ONLY $970.00 team for the season and you get a whopping "

6 regular season games
officials for the game
permits for the field
playoffs for the top 4 teams
$1,000 cash prize to the Overall League Champion; $500 cash prize to runner-up.
Hurry up Softball Suckers Hurry Up and sign up. What a joke.
P.S These charlatans fired me as an umpire b/c they said I owed them money http://softballinsider.blogspot.com/2010/04/790-mudslinging.html but sent me an email last week regarding bringing a team to their league. Natural Born liars so be sure to hand them your hard earned money.

#2 EMS Fall League

LEAGUE FEE: $600.00 for playing in a 1-1 count league against stacked teams that cheat on rosters on the worse Fields in the city, 145th and Lenox Ave.

Wow what a deal. Hurry Up Softball Sucker Marks and sign up

#3 Bronx All Stars -

2010 SUNDAY Fall League info is as follows:

League fee is $ 450. 00 Plus $80 Forfeiture Fee (Returnable)
This league plays 1-1 counts, on eh quality fields in Pelham and 259th street and normally has over 40 teams. The accept teams on a first come, first serve basis. What is first come? Teams that come up with the full amount of league fee are considered first.

Let me translate this a bit clearer for the softball sucker target market out there - just pay and your in sucker and you won't get any individual attention or consideration. Worry about everything else later. Just Pay as we don't care if you even know what a glove is. Just Pay.
Funny and Pathetic all at once

In brief, as you can tell I have blatantly challenged the so called stiff softball competition in my blog this year http://softballinsider.blogspot.com/2010/08/dont-be-afarid-to-take-stand-attention.html b/c I am not afraid to challenge the establishment. Some of these league copied/stole Inwood fall league market and constantly bad mouth us so now it's time for Inwood to let you know the Truth. You decide where you want to play. Don't be a sucker

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  1. OH! come on rick.! How can you say that? we have a great league here in 145 and lenox. Bring your team i will let YOU in for free. CJ