Friday, May 7, 2010


It's no secret that for well over two years that this country has experienced very difficult economic times. I'm sure you've all in some way or another experienced first hand or heard of unsavory harsh economic realities like this week's stock market nosedive, the Recession, Home Foreclosures, Downsizing/Unemployment, Bailouts, High Gas Prices, Big Business and/or Government Corruption, Budget cuts, I could go on and on. These tough times has humbled me and made me appreciate having a steady job just a bit more.

Unfortunately, the economic slowdown in and of itself clearly means less work and has made everyone focus on making every dollar count. In the business world that means more and more emphasis on the dreaded A word - Audits. The general Wikipedia definition of an audit is an evaluation of a person, organization, system, process, enterprise, project or product.


Audits are like a Colonoscopy - necessary, painful, and suck.

Let me keep it real, it basically means that everyone has a lot less to do b/c there is no new business coming in and some anal retentive geek in a suit is going to nitpick you to death until the cows come home b/c he has nothing else better to do and is trying to keep his job by harping over the most obscure details imaginable to look like he's busy and adding value. So instead of doing thoughtful insightful analysis trying to find ways to drum up new business, understanding economic trends, attempting to maximize profits and minimize costs you find yourself worry about dotting your i's and crossing your t's. If this all sounds painfully boring to you well that's because it is!!! The worse part about it is there is nothing you can do about b/c other greedy business people have fucked things up so bad that now you are under intense scrutiny to track every goddamn penny. Am I venting? You bet your ass I am!!! What happened to the good old days of learning, making money, promoting your business? It used to be all about progressions now it's all about regression. I'm all for doing things the right way, but in reality all it seems is like busy work b/c there is nothing else to do.

More importantly, all the real world audit nitpicking has kept me from blogging about softball. So why not Softball Audit Blog?

Audit Ratings for Softball Leagues:

Ratings are as follows:
**** - Four Stars - Pristine/Professional
*** - Three Stars - Good/Acceptable
** - Two Stars - Needs Work
* - One Star - Shady
- No Stars - Get a Good Attorney - maybe the lawyer L.T's hired

Big Apple League - **** - Are you kidding me commissioner Jeff Marcus (or Nicole Richie

as he is sometimes confused with b/c of his diet) is as honest as they come and an administrative machine.

Wall Street League - **.5 - commissioner Willie Jomarron ain't a Saint but he has his act together. - *** - prizes, permits are in order but it's an above 96th street production

Yorkvillie - No Stars - Natural Born Liars - If you want to be a sucker mark just call them up and let them steal your money

EMS - .5* - CJ is shiesty we all know that, but he was born to be an above 96th street commissioner.

Bronx All Star - **.5 - Years ago he would have gotten zero stars but Freddy has gotten more organized over the years, albeit "borrowing ideas" from citysoftball

Zogdog - No grade - I don't know enough but looks like horrible competition and they have 55 minute time limits

Charter Fabric League - 54th Street Wednesday - * - One Star b/c no rules are in writing

Gotham City Sports ( Central Park Saturday) - ** - needs work but are trying

Central Park Show League - No grade I need more info

Bum Rush League - (Central Park Sunday) - **.2 - Gets two and a half stars b/c they have potential to be so much more

NY Fast Pitch League - **** - Four Anal Retentive Stars - these guys love, live, breathe, and eat anal retentive Audit stuff to the point they over look competitive balance. Theycare more about the letter than the meaning of the law.

Gunn Sports - **.5 - Shady but also very organized and enthusiastic - Emphasis on Great competition gives them a decent grade

At the end of the day really the consumer or in our case the player is the ultimate judge and true auditor


  1. Mondays Central Park league... I think it is the Show Bis League... is run very well. Jack M is the Comish. He does a very good job.

  2. I'd live in your Attica/Alcatraz styled house any day of the week . I'll bet there's a swimming pool in the back yard.