Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Reason to be a Softball Outsider

I've been the Softball Outsider the last couple of days as I've missed the latest games, gossip, and breaking news. But it's all been for a very good reason as I have been out of town for
Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!
I've been in Miami visiting my mom in our Attica/Alcatraz jail style home

Where I was welcomed by My Mom "The General"
with open arms. If your going to miss, spending time with mom is always a good excuse. On Mother's Day we did what all true degenerate families do we went to the Casino.
OK maybe not in fabulous Las Vegas, but of a more local variety at the Hard Rock Casino in Fort Lauderdale, which was more than good enough for my my mom to get her slot machine crack addiction on
If you think it's hard to get Ricky to leave the softball field, you haven't seen anything, as it's a mission to get her away from those damn machines!!!! Anyway, we did OK at the casino and had a wonderful time.

I also want to send a belated Happy Mother's Day to every one's family out there.
As the late great Tupac
so eloquently sang... "Dear Mama... You are Appreciated"

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  1. Love how you described your house as a jail looking!!!