Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big Apple Preview: Diesel Express vs. Evil Empire

Did you just read that Blog Title right ?


My team, Diesel Express and defending back to back Champions Choice "Evil Empire" Parts will play this Sunday at Hecksher field #5 at 1pm. Usually that game is just another game on the schedule but let's explore if it is more?

Is it a rivalry game?

Absolutely No!!!!!!

Diesel is rebuilding and competitive now. Choice Parts "CP" knows this, but Diesel hasn't done anything to show they are at the CP level. Not even close. A rivalry is built over time. If anything this is an Imitation Game. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery and Diesel to some extent is a smaller less accomplished mirror of Choice Parts having gotten younger while adding both position and pitching depthfrom a collection of players that have played on numerous Big Apple teams.

Is it a Must Win statement game?

No and Yes
No- Any team that wins two, losses two, or even splits has plenty of time to forge their identity for the remainder of the season. It is only May after all.
But also

Yes- CP knows they are the hunted and whoever plays them always has something to prove. It comes with the Evil Empire championship thing.

Am I sandbagging the importance of this game?
Of course.
As both team have plenty of friends on each sideCompetitive Pride is always a factor in these games.

As far as a game preview it's pretty simple :

Choice parts has the advantage in all the categories except one:

Forfeit Avoiding

For years, CP had the deepest strongest roster in the entire league. They probably still do, but the old adage of you never have enough guys finally caught up with them as they experienced a lunar eclipse rare type event last week when the had to forfeit two games to Empire. To their credit, they notified the league the night before saving everyone inconvenience, time, and money.

Something tells me they won't forfeit this week, or ever again. The Emperor will not tolerate that anymore.


  1. Gary "lips" LewinMay 19, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    All hail to the emperor! Sometimes that is the problem with loading your team with superstars, many of them don't feel obligated to be there on Sundays. I do not think Choice will forfeit for a very long time again. Your Diesel team is much improved and will definitely make great strides this season. I predict you guys split this coming Sunday.

  2. yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh!
    here we go its time to get busy, real busy!
    this wont be easy but i bealive we can get two if our aces macth their ace......then is anybody game....
    GO DIESEL!!!!!

  3. Diesel 0
    Choice Parts 2

  4. Stop hatin Gary! dont hate cause u cant get players

  5. Playa hataz in da hizzy yo

  6. i see a split this weekend. diesel is much improved with edgar in the mix.

  7. Diesel in not there just yet.

  8. The time is here.

  9. Congrats Ricky. Your team is very much improved and proved it can play with us now.


  10. A bad split for us... a great split with a celebration for them.
    Good games.