Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Job Blue

There are some jobs that make you a target for hate and scorn. No one likes Meter maids, cops aren't usually too popular, and of course everyone loves to hate umpires. You often hear people yell "Your Horrible Blue", "You Suck Blue", "Your missing a good game Blue", "You have no heart Blue", yada yada yada not lovey dovey stuff and while it is true that some umps deserve these remarks there are actually good umps out there and today I would like to recognize on of the them - Butchy (shown to my right below with the 1970's hairstyle)Butchy is not perfect and makes mistakes, but he respects the game, respects the players, knows the rules, and always gives you 100 %. Whenever he umps my games, I always feel confident we have someone doing our game that knows what he's doing. Great job Butch.

i would be remiss if I didn't add that the one blemish Butchy has to follow is the ridiculous base distance rules given to him by . They play 65 feet bases which is OK, but too bad they measure them off to be more like 75-80 feet. The last game I played in the distance between 1st and 2nd base was 28 steps which is ridiculous. When I asked Butch to fix the distance he couldn't b/c the league had nailed the bases in. You have a good ump now Steve, now please address the base distance issue and your league will be much better off.

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