Friday, October 19, 2007


The picture above is of Jose Carrion during Knockout's 2006 celebration party!!! Jose passed out that night, after messing up everyone' high

Jose is one of the funniest, talented, and most dangerous (to both his team and opponents) players in all of Softball. Yet Jose hasn't been seen in weeks. TBS could sure use him.

So the question must be asked " Where is Jose?"

Top Ten Reasons why Jose hasn't been showing up to Inwood

10. Drive from his Connecticut home is simply too far
9. He loves drama will return for the playoffs
8. Works for Bacardi family now. Passed out like in the picture on a daily basis now
7. Family Guy - signed by the WB network to film a modern version of Leave it to Beaver
6. Jose knows he can't top George Colon's ump rage outburst from a few weeks ago so he stays home and sulks
5. Plays Softball in Connecticut with white guys that call him Joe and think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Little do they know.
4. Thinking of new ways to make simple throws more complicated and life threatening for 1st baseman
3. Doesn't smoke anymore and doesn't want to be around temptation
Starting career as porn director specializing in African American heavy weight beauty's

and the #1 Reasons why Jose hasn't been showing up to Inwood

I wish I knew - we could use him


  1. Dino playing over me? not a chance.

  2. Rick you just shitting on all your friends...