Sunday, October 14, 2007

Top Ten I Will Not

Everyone wants to know why I haven't been blogging lately.

First they hate the blog, now they want the blog.

It's all good.

The blog has become like Desperate Housewives - Americas's favorite little secret

Top Ten Softball Topics I will not Blog About

10. Tread Bike Shop Losing Streak - We Shall Overcome!!!!!!
9. Highlanders - Very good team - but it's like Jay-z said "One should never argue with fools b/c from a distance people can't tell who is who "
8. Banned Slinger Pitchers in Citysoftball league by cheating teams - It's a hard job staying on top of all the illegal pitching, we make our mistakes, but at least we try and address it and don't act like officer Bar Brady from South Park "Nothing to see here people nothing to see"

7. Mario's Saturday Softball league at 12oth and 2nd Ave - this league is ghetto and loco style - It's like an amusement park fun and life threatening at the same time
6. Inwood Umpires - I love Luch - we eats too many pastels - but I hate blaming umps. In fact we support our umps we suspended one of our best players 4 games for improper behavior.
5. $$$$$ - Citysoftball is a non for profit institution except for Chelo he's rich
4. Dominican Power Softball Team - talented but problematic
3. Weed and Softball - Most people say that Baseball and Apple Pie go hand in hand, In softball Weed and Softball go hand in hand. I don't smoke so I'm not qualified to elaborate.
2. Statistics - Softball statistics are useless. A 444 bating average doesn't tell you anything. Just watch it will tell you who is hitting consistently and playing good defense. It's all about everyone playing in the position that gives the team the best chance to win. You can't win if your 8th hitter is hitting 4th and your catcher is playing SS. Everyone has to be there playing together. Anything else sucks.

and the #1 Softball Topics I will not Blog About

1. Next Season - Next year is irrelevant.
Now will never come again. Carpe Diem. Seize the day.


  1. Ricky, Why don't you spend your time covering the softball aspect of this site, instead of trying to be funny and insulting teams with your comments, considering you suck.
    Furthermore, I would pay closer attention to the loss of integrity that seems to be happining with this leauge every passing year. Lastly, looch should not be eating PASTELES at 9:45am under the tree while he has an inexperieced ump officiating one of the biggest series of the year. This should narrow down for you who may be writting this. Signed, May no meats be safe

  2. So now you want to call out my team and say we are fools....

    Rick, I really don't know what's going on or why you have so much hate for us. But seriously you need to chill out.
    You're getting a little too personal.
    Your instigating this situation and it's gonna get worse.

    You lost last week, accept it and move on. When you beat us for the chip last year we congratulated your team and it was all good. I handed over The Inwood Championship Belt.

    I know jealousy is a BITCH but you don't have to act like one when you lose.

    See you at Inwood.

  3. BTW can someone please tell me what the "C" on Johnny's shirt signifies?????

  4. C-stands for cojones...C- stands for champion. Just becouse a couple of pirates have stolen my dont mean i wont get it back. Johnny

  5. Anonymous comment 1 is right. Looch should of been at that Legends game. Good point.