Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pinch Hitting

Today I was pinch hit for.
No one likes to get pinch hit for.
But that's a pride and ego thing.
The more important question to ask is when is it the right time to pinch hit for someone.

Top Ten Pinch Hitting Manual for Managers

10. You batter is an absolute sure out. I mean someone who has only 2 chances of getting a hit - slim and none. He's got to go.
9. Your PH is a significant upgrade for your current hitter. If PH a motivated player go for it
8. Your current batter is drunk, high and useless - dead weight has got to go.
7. Never pinch hit someone who is cold, high, and out of it. 99% of the time it's a waste.
6. Reputation should never matter. Only production matters. People like to talk. Talk is cheap
5. Always pinch hit for someone who doesn't want to hit and is afraid. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
4. The situation. What do you need ? A HR? A sac fly? Move the runner over? Use the guy who has the best chance to get the job done.
3. Never listen to people who show no loyalty to you and fuck over players who have been loyal to you. It's not worth it. Don't sell out b/c they want you to make moves.
2. If a good hitter has shows up late use him once you think he is ready. Never go to war without using all your bullets.

and the #1 Pinch Hitting Manual for Managers

1. PH is overrated. Mangers who like to PH are usually desperate or power tripping. Focus more on putting your starters in the best position o win and worry about PH later.


  1. Nevermind pinch hitting for Rick...Someone should DH for him

  2. Ric is selfish and not a team player.

  3. Not the truth.....ric is a team player. we need 10. the truth..he is selfish.....SUPER ANONYMOUS

  4. I think he was drunk when he wrote this. Lots of typos........... Not like him.

  5. Hey!!!

    Who cares about pinch hitting, tell us a bit about that new up and coming team in the Inwood softball league,

    Keenans Sidewinders!!

  6. You're a bum-scrubb. Just be happy they let you play any a team.

  7. you're a bum-scrubb. Just be happy they let you play on a team.

  8. A sad thing it is to not have friends, but even sadder must it be not having any enemies; that a man should have no enemies is a sign that he has no talent to outshine others, nor character that inspires, nor valor that is feared, nor honor to be rumored, nor goods to be coveted, nor anything to be envied.

  9. Johnny is smelling too many paint fumes.