Monday, October 8, 2007

QUALIFY - an ugly word

Every Stud player loves the word QUALIFY.

It's the minimum number of games you need to play in the regular season to become eligible for the playoffs. I swear to god one day I will manage a team called QUALIFY.

I can here the chat now 1-2-3 QUALIFY!!!!!!!!

Top Ten Things I FUCKING HATE about the word Qualify in Softball

10. Most stud players ask "WHO WE PLAYING???" when you tell them about a game. If the caliber of opponent is not to their likely they skip the game and tell you they qualify for the playoffs anyway. Thanks buddy - leaves a manager searching for forfeit avoiders and fucked.
9. After a bad loss people don't show up until playoffs.
8. In Spanish the word to describe people who ask if they "Qualify" is "Se prive" - they think they are privilege. Stud players think they are like fine Maxim girl models who have half the money and all the pussy. In other words, serious POWER TRIPPING !!!
7. Shows low character - In other words. ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!! - only care about themselves
6. Shows that when the going gets tough the tough just want to qualify. Asshole again
5. Much like regular society people don't want to give commit to something, they would rather do things shiesty style and through the backdoor.
4. Qualify really means sneak me onto your roster, Then in the playoffs bench a guy who has been playing well, but isn't as good as me so that you will have a chance to win it all. This work about 33% of the time. It's a crap shoot. Depending if your team accepts the wringer. Especially a pitcher. In other words. it's shiesty and makes a manger look bad with his regulars if he fails.
3. Very bad for team chemistry - IF your wringer is an asshole he better be perfect. Baseball/Softball is a game of imperfection. Possible, but difficult, works better in a ghetto environment where anything goes.
2. Makes a mockery of the regular season. Why don't we just start the playoffs immediately. Fuck the schedule. Just sneak a slinger or stud on your roster. It's shows that human nature is corrupt.

and the #1 Things I FUCKING HATE about the word Qualify in Softball

1. Selfish HIRED GUN Mentality- Aren't you playing together? With you "Friends" Like the Black Eyed Peas song Where is the love???


  1. Get ready to hate a lot of people...

  2. Ric is a cry baby.

  3. Im a ringer. I play great ss. I have huge pop. Fast and strong. Who wants to put me on their roster?