Thursday, October 18, 2007

MailBag: Replies to Comments

Any comment is a good comment.At least it means people are reading.Keep all your comments coming.I read them all. Even the ones that diss me. Hey if I can dish it out it's only fair I take it as well.So let's look at some recent comments in the mailbag.

Comment #1
Anonymous said...

Ricky, Why don't you spend your time covering the softball aspect of this site, instead of trying to be funny and insulting teams with your comments, considering you suck.
Furthermore, I would pay closer attention to the loss of integrity that seems to be happening with this league every passing year. Lastly, looch should not be eating PASTELES at 9:45am under the tree while he has an inexperienced ump officiating one of the biggest series of the year. This should narrow down for you who may be writing this. Signed, May no meats be safe

Ricky Response:

Dear Mr. May no meats be safe (hilarious !!)

This comment was very well written and has lot different points that I will address.
First of all, I totally agree with your point that a more experienced umpire crew was needed for the HighLander-TBS match up last week. The calls would have been more decisive and an experienced crew would have nipped all the goonish trash talking that went on from both sides in the bud. Luckily the better team, The Highlanders, won and made this a moot point. However, I strongly disagree with your loss of integrity comment. The ump decision last week was made by Looch, not the league. Moreover, we do our very best to have very competitive match ups week in and week out and eliminate illegal players and pitchers. We have set an example of fair play by suspending one of our best players 4 games for unacceotable behavior and banning another pitcher from our roster from throwing. Thirdly, thank you for letting the softball world know I suck. Teams have stopped offering me money to bat last and play catcher for them. More importantly, is not about me dissing other teams or trying to be funny. It's about softball, life, and one man's experiences and opinions. However, I do love your idea about focusing more on the softball aspect of the site, but since I suck I am not qualified to offer instruction. Luckily I do know who is qualified. If you want to become a better hitter go to Inwood this sunday and watch the Highlanders cleanup batter Anthony hit (see picture below. it looks like Anthony my apologies if it is not. In any case this is a beutiful swing). He's a big reason why the Highlanders are a heavy favorite to win their second citysoftball title in three years.


Comment #2- from Dio Jackson - Manager and exalted ruler of Highlander Nation

So now you want to call out my team and say we are fools....
Rick, I really don't know what's going on or why you have so much hate for us. But seriously you need to chill out.You're getting a little too personal.
Your instigating this situation and it's gonna get worse.
You lost last week, accept it and move on. When you beat us for the chip last year we congratulated your team and it was all good. I handed over The Inwood Championship Belt.I know jealousy is a BITCH but you don't have to act like one when you lose.

See you at Inwood.

Rick Response:

For the record I would like to state that the Highlanders are one of the best teams in NYC softball. As a former Highlander player, I have no jealousy toward the players, manager, and the entire HI Nation. Last week both the Highlanders and TBS talked way too much trash and it became ugly, embarrassing, and goonish at Inwood. In my last blog the comment "only fools argue with fools" meant that I will never be involved in any form of trash talking b/c everyone looks bad when trash talking goes on/
End of subject.
Comment #3

Anonymous said...

BTW can someone please tell me what the "C" on Johnny's shirt signifies?????

Rick Response:

It's going to be interesting to C, I mean see, how Castillo reacts to all this bashing and the TBS losing streak. Will it be power on or power off? Besides the return of 4 or 5 missing key players , TBS could sure use some Castillo power on right now to quiet all the critics and score some runs.

Comment #4
Anonymous said...

Rick.... the only way you get people to look at your bullshit is at the expense of castillo. leave the guy alone.... without him you were just an unknown scrub in the bench..

Rick Response:

Comment #5

Anonymous said...
Get a job u bum

Rick Response:

Dear No Name:

The way the sub-prime market is going, I will need to get a job soon.
Layoffs will happen. Time to ump.

Comment #6

Blondie & Rick, you guys are doing a great deed that goes unappreciated. It's a thankless job but many of us do it because we love the game. Unfortunately, in doing so we end up losing money.

Have a great fall season!!!!

Central Park Softball League
Rick Response:

Thanks Steve. But why haven't you showed up and pitched for the Gator Club this season, they finished 1-13 without you bro. We would never ban you!!!!!!



  1. Against Murphy anybody can have a great day. murphy is not fooling anybody....Inwood is not central park. There are real players in inwood. Wake the fuck up John sheppard! Johnny