Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Perception is not Reality - Latin Fallacy

A big stereotype in baseball/softball is that Latin players are dumb and/or lazy.

You hear things like:

  • "Latin players are dumb"
  • "Selfish"
  • "You can't win with only Latins"
  • "Egotistical"
  • "Can't take a walk"
  • "Moody"

Stop. Just Fucking Stop

That is so fucking racial, myopic, and ignorant that it really bothers me.Yes there are numerous Latins that fit that description
 but don't let a few bad apples ruin your perception. Latins love the game, are smart, and have mad heart. Pros like Rivera, Carew, and Clemente are revered for their ability, dignity, wisdom, and class.

Recently I caught up with 2011 Big Apple Rookie of the Year Christian Goris and asked him about the subject

Yes Christian is a hick but he is smart, gritty, and never quits. The Face of America is changing both on and off the field don't be afraid to embrace it.


  1. Welcome back, Ric. Missed your always interesting perspective on life and softball.

    Christian Goris plays 2nd base on my Turtle Rock squad. He is as smart as they come — knows the fundamentals, is always game ready, supports his teammates, works hard and wants to excel. He knows the strike zone, moves runners, goes first to third at every opportunity. Did I mention he knows the game. In other words — a manager's dream. And a very nice young man to boot. He and Aaron Gerberg (who I can say the same things about) are as good a double play duo as you will find on a field in NYC.

    I have never heard the traits you mention ascribed to Latin players but anyone who does that has never played with Christian, Cano Diaz, or you Ricky. Or any of dozens of Latin players we all play with and against all summer. There will always be people who deal with their own issues and insecurities by projecting negative characteristics onto some other group.

    These dimwits are not going away. But they are easy to ignore.

    Once again, welcome back, Ric.

  2. I want that mango.
    Welcome back Ricky.

  3. An excerpt from Psychology Today, an academic publication:

    "Stereotypes and empirical generalizations are neither good nor bad, desirable nor undesirable, moral nor immoral. They just are. Stereotypes do not tell us how to behave or treat other people (or groups of people). Stereotypes are observations about the empirical world, not behavioral prescriptions. One may not infer how to treat people from empirical observations about them. Stereotypes tell us what groups of people tend to be or do in general; they do not tell us how we ought to treat them. Once again, there is no place for “ought” in science. As empirical generalizations borne of the observations and experiences of millions of individuals, most stereotypes are on the whole true. If they are not true, they cannot survive long as stereotypes."

  4. The Blog is back and I'm glad to see it.
    Lets have more Mango's at the field.
    Regarding the stereotypes on Latin ball players, is only a myth.

    Discuss only the positives Latin ball players and Umpires bring to the table. Discuss the positive roll models they are. Discuss how they
    impact the community, and bring forth a love & desire like no other.

    Latin Lovers of Baseball.

  5. Goris is a Greek name...Latin my ass!

  6. Matt 'Luke Skywalker' WasowskiJune 24, 2012 at 11:01 PM

    did you know that mangoes have the same allergen as poison ivy and cashews. watch out, christian!