Wednesday, June 27, 2012

12 Wrong Number

I like the number 12 in life where you have :

• 12 in the form of a dozen eggs or

• 12 Months in a Year

• On a clock - lunch or midnight

• Football - Joe Namath #12

• Math where 12 X 12 = 144

but it has no business in Softball especially when formulating a winning lineup.

Top Ten Reasons a 12 Man Lineup just flat out Sucks and is Moronic

10. It's 10 MAN Softball dude, not 12, we are not 90 years old and play 6 Of’s
9. 12 is awkward. I write Top Ten lists not Top 12’s lists and certainly not top 12 lineups.
8. Your better hitters get up less. That makes NO sense. None whatsoever.
7. Do I need to keep going? Like a moth to a flame I must so in keeping with the numbers theme let’s do some math: 12 Man Lineup + Stud Opposing Pitcher = Loss. Your 12th guy may only get up once. Why bother?
6. 12 Man lineup creates no Rhythm for your hitters. None. Again you are hurting your chances to score
5. Helps the opposing pitcher - Ever hear of 3rd time through the order factor? Again 12 man lineup helps the opposing pitcher.
4. Nice guys finish last. Nice guys make 12 man lineups to get guys playing time, but your only hurting your team, players, and your public image as a manager.
3. Its a waste of everyone time by playing a whole game and getting only 1-2 at bats. Useless.
2. If you have guys on your team that are giving you a hard time about sharing, sitting, and waiting even after you make a 12 man lineup to "accommodate" them, then you are really playing yourself for a sucker and making your life miserable for some ungrateful bastards. Stop it. Show some Self-Respect. Why do you want these guys on your team anyway?

And the Number One Reason a 12 Man Line up just flat out Sucks and is Moronic

1. Its Stupid – See items 10-2. Sure fire way to get a loss versus good competition. Simple Bat 10 in the playoffs and versus good teams. Always


  1. Let me guess???? a Jim bitros game?.

  2. That's the only way a scrubb like you gets to play.