Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Secret Weapon

The Jersey City Softball League has had 21 games and 20 rain-outs this year.


Makes me think what legendary Big apple Commissioner Jeff Marcus would do in my situation. Hell why wonder? Let's just ask Jeff Marcus

Alrightie then. Anyway, I have secured a large amount of fields and with just a little luck we will have a strong second half of the season.

One team hoping to finish strong this year is my team - West NY

A big (and fun) reason we are off to a solid 3-1 start is the use of our secret weapon - Wil Enriquez.

Throughout every entire game, the 53 year old team catcher

amazing serves as our main courtesy runner

The Insider recently caught up with Will to ask him how this all came about and who the hell he was exactly running for? 

Cool stuff. Fun Team

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