Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day at the Dentist with No Novacaine

The best way I could describe today's West-Rangers (my team) game in Central Park today is as follows: Imagine you go to the dentist for  a routine checkup. His office is modern, clean, and your insurance covers everything. You get called in for your appointment and his lovely assistant

  puts your bib on and rubs her tits on your face. You feel happy until the doctor comes in and he resembles Dennis the Menace
and informs you that you need a root canal. Oh yeah he also tells you that he has no Novocaine and his assistant leaves the room as he begins work

Today none of the Rangers pitchers showed up against in Central Park. Vacation. Injuries, etc. We got smoked and fell apart.West was very classy about "one of those days" and took it easy us but make no mistake it was a day at the dentist with no Novocaine. Let's see if we can recover


  1. Fuck the game , and hit that lovely dental assistants' ass !

  2. Tough league this season

  3. I root for East

  4. Hired pitching is a disgrace and ruining the league. Teams paying pitchers = overachieving. Teams without paid pitchers = last place. Paid pitchers mask an otherwise average team.

  5. Dude who gives a shit?