Monday, January 30, 2012

USA's Twight Zone is Key?????

I am convinced that Florida is America's Twilight Zone

For those of you too young to have watched the re-runs growing up, The Twilight Zone was an irresistible yet weird mixture of drama, psychological thriller, science-fiction , suspense, and/or horror. Florida is also an irresistible yet weird mixture of drama, psychological thriller, science-fiction , suspense, and/or horror as it is truly America's Twilight Zone

Every year the baseball season begins in Florida
 with spring training

and tourist travel their to go to party, vacation, enjoy the sun, and admire the eye candy

I've been going to Florida for years (known as "my cousin Richie from New York" , 
I met my wife (not raised in Florida) there,  I have family there

, I've owned and still own property there, hell when I was younger I wanted to move to Miami. Yet in all my experience something has been off, different, weird, and difficult to understand about the people who live in Florida. They are not like us, and by us I mean NY/NJ/Northeaster folk.

There are clear exceptions, but generally speaking I find Floridians as :
  1. Xenophobic - Outsiders are shunned. Strange considering Tourism carries the state
  2. Homogeneous - act the same, dress the same, looks the same, and all want to be the same. Same ... Same ... Same .. its Twilight Zone ish .. almost phony and creepy. Too Generic
  3. Rude - Combine points 1 and 2 above plus they are mostly distant
  4. Difficult to communicate with - You ask them if they watch TV - They say No. You Ask them if they watch/follow the news - They say No. You ask them if they follow politics - They So No. You ask them about the weather and they complain about 65 degrees. What the Fuck????
  5. Horrible Sports Town - No baseball love. None. Hope Miami Marlins do better, but its an uphill battle. Worse yet is their is No Loyalty when their teams are down. If you win, your in. If not, your done. See the Miami Dolphins
  6. No concept of the importance of Public Transportation - Horrible. If an Alien spaceship landed it would be looked on more favorable than buses and trains that ran on time. 
  7. Generally lack substance and are superficial. Its all about me.
It's like a twisted horror episode where you want to like everyone, but as you get to know them you notice something isn't quite right. Appearances are deceiving.

Don't get me wrong.  There are good people who live there, I love Florida. I love Miami, and I love my family and friend who live there, but I'm glad I don't live in America's Twilight Zone. Something is wrong there. Yet despite their obvious short comings, election after election its residents hold the key to many presidential candidates aspirations. Crazy. Tomorrow is the Republican Primary and a good win here would establish a front runner. Florida could change everything, the Horror ... my god ... only in the Twilight Zone

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  1. Rick, I love the Canes hat...been a fan since the 80's...Luke Days.....: )