Saturday, January 21, 2012

Distraction Tactic - Playing Dirty

I've fixed softball fields and shoveled snow and no matter which way you slice it - It's hard work. Today I was suppose to go workout with someone, but the inclement weather cancelled that fun activity and left me the humbling task of earning spare cash by shoveling snow for my building.

This was going to be a decent workout so I set out on the task minding my own business


 and eventually got it done


I was feeling good 

when my neighbor from across the street came over and asked me "Have you been out here for a while?" I though he was going to compliment me, but I was shocked when he told me his door was kicked in and robbed, and asked me if I noticed anything.

I was shocked and felt so bad, like the feeling when someone gets their bag stolen during a softball game because everyone is so into the game that they are distracted and the thief swoops in.

I told him that earlier I noticed a truck with the word "limitless" with city workers cleaning up in front of his neighbors house, but thought nothing of it except, damn I wish this guys could help me. Crazy. Those bastards used that as a cover and distraction for robbing a good man's home in broad daylight

Next time cops tell me to watch my bag I will not brush it off. Distraction Tactics - playing dirty

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  1. Can you come over and do my steps for me too ?