Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Soon the cup will runneth over.. soon

While I have not posted a blog for a while that does not mean the fire that burns inside me

has subsided. It may be the so called "off season", but the passage of time has made me realize that the passion that I dedicate to this post can't be put out by dead of winter. This forum is my outlet, my voice, my soul, and it is ready to be reignited. I thank my community for patiently waiting for softball's Pinocchio to poke his nose back into the game and, as always, I will endeavour to provoke thought, inspire change, and challenge the status quo.

While our softball cup does not runneth over with games in January, it is the time of year where many of us start to prepare for the upcoming season in a variety of ways some of which include:

(1) Self Reflection - look for Solutions from Within

 (2) Practice - honing skills and conditioning

(3) Creative Fund Raising - jerseys and league fees need funding in 2012

(4) Playing in Midnight Madness tournaments in secluded locations to get a SB fix

 Inevitably someone you know will ask "how many days until pitchers and catchers"? That's when the "On" button goes off inside and you get that itch to compete, that fire, that desire for revenge, that something to prove. Soon the cup will runneth over and you will get that chance.

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  1. There is FAT fran cheating! quick pitching. so many goons..dio arguing a pop fly. lol