Friday, January 20, 2012

"In the bag" .. Political Self Hitting .. Hurting the Best League Around

You ever begin a softball season knowing that there is no way whatsoever in hell you can lose your league? I mean no way you can lose. Zippo. Nada. It literally is "in the bag" There can be a variety of reasons for this:
  1. Confidence in your skill and teammates.
  2. Your team is stacked with hitters and no else has pitching. No mound threats
  3. You pay for the best players. You have an edge.
  4. Your team may not be the greatest ever, but you know everyone else sucks.
I could list other reasons, but of the top four that I mention above the worst of the bunch is by far #4 "our team may not be the greatest , but everyone else sucks" because it is a noncompetitive environment. Winning in those leagues don't have any flavor or meaning. It's all over before it begins and the league as a whole suffers and eventually falls apart.

This very same thing is happening right now in the presidential election where the Weak GOP field is giving Obama no competition. Now wait a minute, people could point to the struggling economy and say the President as vulnerable, perhaps, but look at the Republican candidate field  and you don't yet see a viable alternative.

Let's look at the All Star's :
  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry - he wanted to "stay in Iraq". Dumb. Guess what he's already out and announced he was backing Gingrich. Speaking of which
  • Newt Gingrich - after being out of the race he's back in it despite all the mud slinging about his ex-wives and his "ghetto language quote" .Gingrich would not make a good baseball GM as he does not value the Latin market. Ignorant
  • Ron Paul - He knows he can't win, so why is he running? Simple Power. He's flexing on the GOP by threatening to withhold his followers' votes. His goal is to force the GOP to pay the price of his support which is an isolationist views on foreign policy, revising the Patriot Act, and limiting presidential power. His position are not those of a Republican Party, and if he defects for an independent run then that will result is a re-election boost to Barack Obama as the GOP loses votes. Bottom line he doesn't give a fuck about America. No one takes him seriously.
  • Rick Santorum - has a history of ignorant comments, and being a Teebow "Jesus guy. Whatever he has been surging and winning primaries. He's conservative and that will help with Tea Partiers. But he gets distracted easily and stoops to mudslinging against Romney by comparing him to Obama by saying"Why would we ever vote for someone who is just like Obama?". Mudslinging shows low character.
  • Mitt Romney - he was ahead for a while but now its a dogfight. He's more moderate and a business man but he proposes/ says a lot of dumb shit like:
    (1) Belittling Obama's $1,000 tax cut for typical middle-class families, by calling it a "little Band-Aid.". Too bad his plan would give that same family just $54, savings even he admits is "not a huge tax cut." Stupid
    (2) Doubled down on the idea to "let Detroit go bankrupt," even though the president's rescue of the auto industry saved more than 1.4 million American jobs up and down the supply chain, leading to a renaissance in the American car industry.
    (3) Said he would let the foreclosure process "hit the bottom." so investors can swing in and make a quick buck. Isn't that what got us in trouble in the first place? He has repackaged the same policies that caused the financial crisis -- mistakes like making the middle class pay for tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations and letting Wall Street write its own rules so big bankers can make millions while gambling with everyone Else's economic security. Foul
    (4) Backed the right-wing Republican budget that eventually end Medicare as we know it, gut Social Security and slash funding for higher education. So much for growing old.
    (5) Criticized the president for ending the war in Iraq, saying he would rather leave 30,000 troops on the ground with no clear mission or plan for withdrawal. Not your son there I guess?

    Honestly, about 6 months ago I thought Obama was done, but in this league there is NO way he will lose. Its in the bag, as Obama is self hitting and none of his competitors can make a play. While I am an Obama supporter deep down I know that this lack of competition will hurt the best league in the world - The United States of America. Just for once I wish voting didn't come down to the lesser of two evils.

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  1. Won't happen in your lifetime, sadly!!
    jack s