Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SB Winter Meetinsg

Baseball's Winter Meetings are taking place this week. The way I see is if these multimillion dollar teams, players, and low life agents can have a convention to wheal and deal why can we?  I mean with have suits and sweaters
and can get together to make moves. So without much further ado let's use MLB as a template and set up a Softball Winter meeting Agenda

Agenda Item #1 Introduce media lightning rod and controversial manager 
  •  Red Sox hire Bobby Valentine and Miami Marlins hire Ozzie Guillen
  •  and after a 6 month hiatus softball manager Dio Jackson is now back
looking to take the championship reigns back

Agenda Item #2 - Big Money spent on Free Agents
  • Papelbon, Bell, Reyes, Pujols, Fielder, Wilson all have or are going to get paid
  • In Softball, the rich will always get richer
 Agenda Item #3 - New Stadium used to attract players
  • The Marlins use their impressive new dome home
    as a selling point
Agenda Item #4 - Bidding Wars on Top Players
  • Scott Boras types going to try and drive up player prices
  • In softball top impact players are at a premium and the Recruiting Game is ruthless

Agenda Item #5 - Young Players
  • The days of trading off your entire farm system are over. Young players are durable and affordable.
  • In Softball Young players are not only the future
but can also courtesy run. The market for these players is important because it represents an out of the box recruiting strategy.
Big Apple Rookie of Year Christian Goris, 2nd from left
as you try and lock in players who are hitting their peak

Competition is especially complicated for these guys. A topic for another day.

Agenda Item #6 - Older player market
  • Big Papi, Vlad, Thome find it harder to get big deals or promised playing time as Dh types get flexed on
    • In softball, studs of yesterday like Tommy Helegson have been forced to take short term deals with winless teams like the Legends to prove their worth
    Agenda Item #7 - Thin Pitching Market
    • CJ Wilson offered a 6 year deal, Ridiculous. People Always overpay for pitching
    • Softball is the same. Most pitchers (not all) look to stick up the market for the highest bidder. Someone always caves in
    Agenda Item #8 - Rumors
    • Players, fans, bloggers, agents, GM's, owners, reporters are all like high school girls passing notes. They love rumors, bitch style
    • Everyone in softball loves juicy rumors, drama  and gossip (bochinche in Spanish). It's part of teh social element.

    Let the Softball Hot Stove begin


    1. Yes I'm back and I'm bringing the Miami Marlins financial game plan with me...
      WIN at ANY cost!

      People need jobs out there!
      I'm ready to Occupy Softball!


    2. Yo - why you gotta diss the Legends?

    3. Oh, OK - not that we too many games either!! Great seeing you at the Jets game - great pics! I'll let you know when I go again

    4. Rick: Nice touch w/ young players as Courtesy Runners...: )

      Benjimo 13: Remember... " Heroes are Remembered, but Legends Never Die".

      With all these winter meetings and money deals on and under the table, Umps may have to make a come back, find there cleats...Anyone seen my Dodger Blue, Pedro Guerrero Super High Tops....... ?

    5. Central Park SommelierDecember 8, 2011 at 10:02 PM

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