Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Find the Black Box to solve the Mystery of the Crash

Eagles 45 Jets 19 - and it wasn't even that close.

As legendary Rocky trainer Mickey would have said "You're a Bum"

  • I can take Losing (after 42 years I have had enough Jet practice)
  • I can take getting blown out.
  • I can take a bad game, but when one of your "Captains" namely Santonio Holmes
  • Fumbles - Strike One
  • Drops a Pass that he makes 50 million to catch and it ricochets for an interception - Strike Two
  • Fights Back from all that failure to Catch a TD, then gets flagged 15 yards for taunting the Eagles even though we are down 28-9 - Then That's Strike Fucking Three, Moronic and Unacceptable.
I don't care of this happens a lot on the NFL, their is no excuse for it. Show some class and make your fans happy and while I accepted weeks ago that the Jets are mediocre , all I want for Christmas is a win over the Giants and New Years Day victory over the hated Fish. 

Its time for big mouth Rex Ryan to unlock the black box and right the flight of this team. Make some adjustments like :
  • Give terrible right tackle Wayne Hunter some help - he gets beat every week like he stole something
  • Bench Safety Eric Smith - Can't cover a table with a table cloth
  • Throw the Ball down field to Keller, other teams make their TE's look like HOF's versus us.
Adjust Ryan. Adjust


  1. Rex does it again , check the back page of the Post !

  2. And after he quits on his team in a game with playoffs on the line???

    Gotta eat the money on this duche bag!! This is a teamate to NOBODY!

    Jeff C