Monday, December 12, 2011

Leap of Fafth

Part of the reason I am so fucked up in the head is that I went to Catholic school 
for thirteen years as my parents sent me an extra year just to piss me off. I understand why my parents sent me to parochial school, but ironically this oppressive over kill atmosphere pushed me away from the church as I've challenged the catholic way of thinking and formed my own opinions and beliefs.

Now even though I've lost my religion over the years one of the things I love about this country is constitutional guaranteed right of "Freedom of Religion" as provided in First Amendment. Everyone can choose their own "leap of faith" without fear of persecution. Religious freedom is an integral part of our society and manifests itself in many ways, one of which is through sports. For example who many times have you seen this sign at a game

People often mix religion and sports. Hell I know I do as everyone who reads this posts knows I deeply believe in the softball gods
Recently the remarkable success of Tim Tebow
 has me thinking about the sports-religion connection 

All joking aside all this guy does is win

Sorry I couldn't resist as those videos were mad funny but they also illustrate that while the 1st Amendment allows religious freedom without legal persecution it does not stop the court of public opinion from casting a preconceived guilty verdict.

Personally, I think Tebow has been lucky and hiding behind a good defense, but that I must admit I have grown to respect his leap of faith and confidence. He doesn't care about what anyone says about him or his religious beliefs as all he does is win.


  1. I thought John 3:16 was the amount of time left in the half.

  2. Is Tebow like Jack...the ultimate clutch player?

  3. Thanks, whoever you are. I appreciate that sincerely.

    Ricky, I agree with you. His defense and terrible coaching on the other side is helping tremendously. 3 kneel downs and the clock runs out. Fire the Bears coach immedaitely. Otherwise, his stats suggest his luck won't last long.