Friday, December 9, 2011

Forgoing Free Agnecy and looking for a Lifetime Extension

When a MLB player's contract expires they become a "free agent" 
At that point they can sign with any team that desires and can afford their services. Common sense dictates that during free agency a player looks to sign a contract that offers them the most money for the longest period of time. Contract terms all vary depending on the player's age, ability, statistics, position, comparable contracts, and the overall market place. Besides the money, perhaps the next biggest stumbling point in negotiations is length of contract as the longer a deal goes the higher the risk of injury and poor/diminishing performance by the athlete. Logically teams prefer to offer shorter (1or 2 year) deals, but all the top free agents want long term commitments (5 years and beyond).

In the real world, I was once a single free agent, but 5 years ago today I signed a marriage contract

and I just wanted  to declare that I have no intention of going real world free agent and am looking for a lifetime service contract extension from my amazing wife - Astrid!!!!!!!!
 who is beautiful inside and out.She has been there for me in every way and I know the years ahead will only get better as we build a new team through the farm system one day.

Happy Anniversary and Holler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary Ricky & Astrid.
    Have a great day!

  2. Happy Anniversary , Astrid & Ricky ! the best contract ever !

  3. Happy Anniversary. Awesome looking couple.


  4. Hey Ricky,

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful bride. Apparently you have each found the team you want to play on for life.

    Hey, Musial did it, Ripken did it, Jeter will do it. It may be Old School but if you can make it work it is a really rewarding journey.

    We just celebrated our 26th anniversary. I am sometimes a little surprised she (Pamela) hasn't "traded" me but she tells me the "free agent" market is a little thin. We are also on the lifetime extension contract and our one farm team player is already in college.

    Love your blog, Ricky. Keep writing.


  5. Happy Anniversary Guys! You look great!

    Christian ( the reigning BASL ROY) lol, and the jose reyes of free agency.

  6. Happy Anniversary Ricky, don't you ever opt out of this contract or get bought out for that matter or switch teams. Here's to 50 more years.

    Juan Epstein

  7. Happy Anniversary

  8. Trade him for charlie.

  9. I'm surpise Ricky hasn't traded her in for Castillo.