Sunday, February 22, 2009


The season is fast approaching. Often times you will hear people referring to a hard fought game as a war.
Right now their is a different war being waged.The Recruiting War.
It's a vicious dirty game.Pitchers, stud hitters, forfeit avoiders, and sponsors are all being wooed by softball horny and hungry teams. Like Biggie Small said in his classic song "Ten Crack Commandments"
"I've been in this game for years it's made me an animal, there's rule to this shit I wrote me a manual"

Top Ten Recruiting War Rules
10. Promises - Never promise something you can't keep
All politician make promises and so do softball GM's and managers.
You promise playing time, a chance to win, and of course other "perks".
Make sure you keep your promises, or you lose softball credibility.
9. Discretion
Never let your opponents know your next move.
You can't trust other mangers/teams with any information.
They want to win just as bad as you.
8. Allies
Odds are your teammates know a lot of good players.
Don't be ashamed to ask for their help.
Not only will this help you recruit good players, but it gets everyone
excited about the season and shows your still loyal to them
Just remember to have everyone follow Rule #9.
7. Code of Ethics
Forget it
The biggest bullshit I hear is "I don't steal other teams players".
Yeah Right.
We know that right after the new year, the phone lines start to burn.
Now don't get me wrong, every team has guys that are off limits and that you shouldn't even bother talking to b/c they will never leave, but anything else is fair game.

6. Lego  A player is like a piece of Lego.

If they fit you can build cool shit.Before you recruit a player know all you can about the player.
His skills, strengths, weakness, personality, temperament, heart, work schedule, family life and of course his level of commitment. Does he fit your needs? Will his teammates accept him? If he fits, your set.
But if he doesn't fit the mix, then as Biggie Small would say you'll "Find yourself in serious shit"

5. Ego
Power vs Power Tripping.
Are you really in charge?
Are you Fidel? 

Or are you a puppet with someone pulling the strings and using you?

It all depends if you financed the team.
But in any case, your the GM.
Don't make power tripping decisions.
Just make smart ones.
4. Geography
This rule is so underrated
Location. Location Location.
Is not only important in pitching and real estate, it's also key in recruiting.
Does a player live close to the field?
If getting to the field harder than the game, if YES, then odds he will quit and can't help you.
3. Let them Breathe
Ball players are like pretty girls, let them know you want them but don't stress them about it. Preserve, but don't be psycho about it.
Respect yourself
2. What doesn't Kill you makes you Deeper
There is no such thing as Over recruiting and having Too Many guys. A common mistake I hear people make is "we have too many guys don't recruit anyone else b/c it will hurt my or someone Else's playing time" OK. This is possible, but reality tells me this is selfish and short sighted.It's a long season out there and I even seen great teams struggle to field 9 guys on 100 degree days in July. Most of time having too many guys will work itself out via performance, injuries, or players quiting.It's about competition!!!!!!!

and Rule Number Uno

1. Know your Goal
Winning is the ultimate goal.
As ex-Jet coach Herman Edwards famously told a stupid reporter "You Play to win the game"
This one seems very obvious, but it really isn't. Dogs Chasing Cars without a plan/goal don't win.
Recruiting is all on paper. You win nothing but the chance to get better. All your trying to do is target players that address your weaknesses. Are you getting faster, younger, more experienced, more diversified, hitters/players and pitchers to the park. If so you've done your job.

Follow these rules you'll have a chance.Otherwise you'll be on your cell phone 1 minute before game time trying to avoid a mercy and forfeit.

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