Monday, June 8, 2015

Old School Reunion

When a player retires in baseball they find ways to celebrate their career like:

Commercials ... lol

Retiring Their Number


Old Timers Day

Championship Anniversary Party

Hall of Fame Ceremony and Speech

Even in Softball we have Parties and Prizes

In Life we have Reunions, recently I attended my 1983 Grammar School Reunion

at District 12

District 12 - Trendy B96 spot located at an A96 address


1 Fuck I'm old.

A lot has changed since grammar school


and I had never gone to a Reunion before, but I wasn't nervous.

You see those where hard years for me, probably hard for everyone else too. Growing up in those years I was a fat nerd with so many emotions, so many mood swings, always wanting attention, wanting to be popular, being bullied and being a bully. 

But a few years ago, my 1983 classmates started a St. Elizabeth Facebook page and I was hooked. They welcomed me and everyone else. I didn't feel  hated. I felt accepted. Felt like I belonged. I was drawn to the fact that from those early childhood seeds so many good people had grown. I love their stories, families, and accomplishments. I instantly connected. 

Some people go to reunions to show off their money, looks, success, and families, but at this reunion none of that happened. It was so genuine and good, I felt really good about who everyone else was and the man I have become

The Girls were baptized in St. Elizabeth 2014

 Facebook is a Time machine and magic.

Cindy Alina and Audra - Beautiful inside and Out

John and Yusimi - met in grammar school together over 30 years - True Love
Carola - never played softball in her life - lol - So cool

Michele Clark, pro comedian still stealing my French Fries -

1983 - You still got it

Maybe Catholic School wasn't so bad. We did all right.There is No School Like the 

and to my classmates of 1983 I dedicate this song - Can't Wait to see you again.

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  1. Awww Rick!!! What a lovely blog post!!! And you are soooo right about the genuinely warm dynamic of our little Old School group. It was wonderful to gather, touch base, and celebrate one another. 😃