Thursday, May 21, 2015

Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

David Letterman retired last night.

My love for Top Ten's came from him as during college as I became a big fan of the show during breaks from studying. His witty countdowns probably cost me a couple points off my GPA (back then GPA was more important than my batting average), but I gained so much more than grade point average . I gained laughter.

I went to his show once back in January 1997, Desmond Howard was on, he had just won the MVP for the Packers;  It was cool. I actually met him on the west side highway when we were both stuck in late night traffic, he was very nice and we exchanged pleasantries during an unpleasant traffic jam. As his car pulled away on the Henry Hudson my friend Ed (notoriously frugal) turned to me and said "Why is he paying the Henry Hudson Toll?). I laughed.

He was brilliant till the very last Top Ten. - I've posted this boot leg youtube version of his final Top Ten Last night
Good Stuff

To make David Letterman cooler, he also has a Softball connection

as the Late Show has been a Top Team in the Central Park Performing Arts League for Years (They beat my Bravery in 2012 damn it. Missed that game because of work ...ughhhh)

Commission and Late Show Manager gave Dave the following Tribute on FB yesterday:

Hard to explain what kind of guy Dave is: I mean what can I say that hasn't been said, ad nauseum, over these last 33 years? But this comes close:
When Bill Scheft, a writer on LATE SHOW since 1991 (and a teammate of mine), had his decisive job interview with David Letterman, he recalled, “The last thing I said to him was, ‘I hear your softball team needs a center fielder.’ And Dave says, ‘We need everything.’ I got hired the next day.”
That’s the kinda guy Dave is ~ always keeping it real.
We won two Performing Arts Softball Championships (2012 and 2014) in the three years that Dave has been sponsoring us. We plan on bringing him a third one this year.
I'm happy to have been “owned” by Dave these last few seasons (see YouTube link), and to have been a small speck in the LATE SHOW time continuum.
Thank you and farewell, Dave. We hardly knew ye ...

I'm not going to write a Top Ten for Dave, but will do many more Sb Top Ten's going forward as Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery.

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