Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's a C-O-N Spriacy Again.. The Urban Legend grows

Sorry for the delay, but I have been remiss in acknowledging my boy (and Route 123 bus driver)

An Unearned Run No No  ? - It was a C O N spiracy

Conspiracy Ray is becoming a bit of an urban legend as he continues to defy the odds and improve. In this age of win now and at all costs I've been one of the biggest culprit in overlooking player development. Ray didn't listen to anyone and just kept getting better and better each and every week as he works hard at his craft.  He's been a godsend to Old School on Sundays.

Still throwing a One Run No Hitter is a bit of an oddity and perhaps Conspiracy Ray was a victim of a C O N spiracy:

Top Ten Reasons Conspiracy Theories on why Ray Allowed a Run in his May 17th No Hitter

10. Kennedy Grassy Knoll - Lee Harvey Oswald did not Act Alone

9. Lincoln Tunnel traffic

8. Annoying, Spoiled, and Snobbish Route 123 passengers like Ricky got on his nerves

7, Chris Christie George Washington Bridge traffic controversy has upset Ray for months

6. B.A.S.L is now modified and he got a chance.

5.  It's Ricky's fault he was managing.

4. Aliens from outer space interfered on a dropped pop up. Ray considering going to Roswell to investigate 1947 landing. More corny Conspiracy humor, like this blog

3. What's the Inning? What's the Score? Ray's in game analysis

2. Ray though it was a 1-1 count league like Saturday's. That's why

and the Number One Conspiracy Theory on Why Ray Allowed a Run in his May 17th No Hitter

1. It Defies Space, Time, and Logic - like Ray

Keep working brother. You deserve it.

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  1. and reason # 1-a : Vlad put a Santeria curse on him .