Monday, June 8, 2015

SB Greatest Player Most Valuable Debate: Past vs Present

In sports people like to compare athletes of different eras and debate who is better. For example, 

Lebron James

vs Michael Jordan

So let's have some fun and do this in softball,

SB Greatest Player Most Valuable Debate:

Past John Castillo
Castillo Middle - leading Knockout to their Only Championship


Present John Rodriguez

The Man - J-Rod

I've been sitting on this blog for a while, I guess I was afraid of the backlash and offending J-Rod. But truth be told their is no offending and disrespect intended. Both players were/are great. I admire and respect both players.

It's like picking girlfriends between Sophia Vergara

and Scarlett Johansson

You really can't lose. Even  before reading the rest of this blog, everyone knows I'm going to pick Castillo as "More Valuable in Softball". 

Castillo was my boy and the reason I was even on many very good teams as people would take me just so they could get him on the team. He was that good.

I'm sure by now all the Castillo haters out there,  now Ang "Temper Temper" have stopped reading and are already typing away blasting me on the comment section, but hold on now. Let me carefully present my argument and make myself clear. Then you can counter:

This blog is about who is more valuable, not better, Castillo is Not Better. J-Rod is an M.L.B player.That accomplishment alone earns him the better player title hands down, but is Castillo more valuable in softball and here is why:

Let's Debate and assuming the following for comparison purposes:
  • Right now - Both Players would play in an open pitching league (B.A.S.L Style 2011-2014)
  • Right now - Both healthy
  • Both would play on opposite teams. Together it would be almost unstoppable.
  • Valuable does not mean better, just means helps you win
OK let's see who is more valuable now:

Speed - Castillo was lazy, not slow. J-Rod hustles and is fast.
Winner J-Rod Big

Arm: Castillo had a good arm, J-Rod arm is excellent
Winner J-Rod solid

J-Rod is an excellent Outfielder, Castillo could play any position, if he wanted to.
Winner: Tie - Sorry Castillo was also a solid infielder. Makes this category a wash.

J-Rod has excellent all fields line drive power. But Castillo perhaps because of his softball experience had all fields diamond to diamond diamond 300+ foot power versus any kind of pitching.
Winner Castillo 

Batting Average and On Base Percentage:
J-Rod ridiculous, all fields hitting ability and hustle. Castillo used to piss teammates off when he would slap a single to RF when everyone was playing him deep. Considering Castillo was a righty this one is a toss.
Winner - Tie

Driving in Runs
Winner - Tie - Both 3 hitters on every team.

J-Rod not a pitcher. Castillo was a modified and sling pitcher.
Winner Castillo: Big

Softball Experience
J-Rod loses this category by default only b/c he was a M.L.B player, not a softball player. Castillo perennially won triple crowns and batting titles in top softball leagues.
Winner: Castillo by default

Castillo was a wave, if you caught wave at right time he could carry you, if not he would sink you.
 Castillo sometimes picked on scrubs, quit, caused headaches. John was moody by nature, he also helped a lot of players get better, like me to an extent. In the end, if you didn't accept him for who he was forget having him on your team.

J-Rod - J-Rod never acts like he was M.L.B. He's confident, but he makes others around him better and never picks on scrubs. J-Rod will get gangsta on someone who talks shit to him or his team, but I've never seen him being the root of the issue. The guy plays hard 100% of the team. Winner.

Winner: J-Rod landslide

Through 9 Categories that's 3 J-Rod 3 Castillo and 3 Ties. Closer than you thought huh in terms of valuable? But this is softball, there are no ties, you play until you win.

Final Category: Intimidation:

Castillo was a beast, whether you hated him or loved him. You knew he was a good hitter, but John could get intimidated or distracted.

On The other hand, people are intimidated by J-Rod. I'm in leagues where people whine and complain
J-Rod should be banned. banning position players? Now I've banned non modified pitchers from modified league, but banning a position player that's fucking ridiculous, weak, and pathetic.

Winner: J-Rod landslide.

Calm down Ang - you win ... lol

Anyway, I still voted Castillo b/c of the pitching ability, but I created a poll for you to vote - Castillo vs. J-Rod most valuable. Please vote and I will post the results.

P.S  Hope this blog doesn't make J-Rod hit too many more balls over my head this year. J-Rod is self driven anyway, that's what makes him special. Doesn't matter.


  1. I vote for Vergara .

  2. and don't forget , Castillo could pitch extremely well , comes in handy when both your pitchers cant' make it to game .

  3. what about Sophia? she's smokes Scarlett every day of the week and twice on Sunday (if you can handle her twice on Sunday....she's that hot)

  4. So what's j rod getting this year? Last year was $1800... What's the new #?

  5. Ricky I counted 4 for me and 3 for the other guy! Recount!!!!!! Haha

  6. Step your game up anonymous and maybe you will get paid too!!!

  7. J Rod by far hands down

  8. This is not even close. This is not 4-3. It is 6-1. J-Rod wins every one but pitcher.

  9. JRod. Heart. Great teammate. A single is a double. Every time.


  10. Ricky your crazy to even compare these two guys!! It's J ROD all the way! We are lucky that he doesn't pitch. All the years we've been playing softball have you ever seen anyone hustle like he has and beat out routine ground balls that should be out and turns them into hits!
    This guy can just be lazy like most of us and not play hard at all but this guy played at the highest level and still plays like he's there! Not only does he make his team better, but he makes our league better!!!!
    No homo!! Haha

  11. J-Rod. Not close.

  12. Come on Ricky really!!!
    It's JRod

  13. Jc. won chips with this guy. Faced Zorro, solito,a younger franny,caquito , you name it. I'm mad Luis Gonzalez is not in this vote. He also played against all the top pitchers from Redbook to Westchester. I know j-rod could hit in any league he's in. The guy is a beast. Plays the game 100% all day. But into you show me the chips in stronger leagues then the tee ball big Apple I have to vote JC. And P.S castillo always faked injuries. And was not that good. A few more years I would vote jrod hands down. I just give it to Jc now because softball back then was bring your best. Not let me regulate who can and can't pitch in this league.

  14. It's funny how the people who vote for JC also shit on him. Make up your mind. He was a good player, but it does not matter who's on the mound when it comes to JROD. He's a better hitter when the pitchers throw hard cause he's use to that! You can put JROD in any league and he will dominate. The better the pitching the better he gets. JC was a great player but JROD is in a league of own. This guy plays the game like you only see in the MLB. I'm a better player just watching him play. He makes me hustle and I want to play hard when we play against him. He is the real deal. Enough said!!!!!!!!!
    JROD is the best!!!!!

  15. Show me another player with 6 tools and then we can have a conversation but until then it's J-Rod.
    He Hits for average, power, speed, arm, defense and makes his team better. There goes your 6 tools just in case people don't know!

    1. Luis Gonzalez

    2. True!! Great player!!!
      Still not better then JROD!!!!!!

  16. "Not let me regulate who can and can't pitch in this league." - easy to write not easy to do or recruit for under current environment. If you want the job, you got it. Put together a plan.
    Until then don't pretend to be the Man

    The Insider

    1. Touched a nerve Rick? Think it was referring to all the B leagues in the city. Jc played in a lot of good leagues. And won. Before all this crying about pitching happen.

  17. Lol. You play everyday. Learn to pitch before you ban people. You have a link showing that in 10 man modified no matter where your arm is as long as it's 90 degrees you are legal. But then cedworks. Who by the way is considered a B pitcher on Saturdays on gils league. Which is probably best pitching around. You have cedworks banned. But play on his team with charter. Hollar. P.s add Luis Gonzalez like I said earlier.

  18. No Nerve, Just keeping it real, come up with a better plan,
    better yet come up with a better name than anonymous,
    The Insider

    P.S. Lou 22 - Awesome

  19. Jrod. Lou 22 aka comish get well soon.

  20. This comparison is the dumbest shit I've ever heard! You guys are comparing JC and Lou 22 aka commish to a guy who played in the MAJOR LEAGUES! What the fuck are you guys thinking! If anything you should compare who's second best, Lou Gonzalez or JC?
    JROD is number 1. Stop fucking hating on him and give him his props!

    1. Jeff Nelson pitched against me in ems. And then played outfield. So is he a better pitcher then jb. Livan Hernandez has a sling tournament in Florida every year. He was pro. Still doesn't mean he's better pitcher then Carlos Khan. Softball is softbal. Baseball is baseball.

    2. This is funny.

    3. Jeff Nelson pitched against you in EMS and you K!!!
      You suck!!!!
      Livan Hernandez is better then Khan !!!
      Your right softball is softball and baseball is baseball which means baseball is better then softball dumb ass!!!
      Your probably one of those jealous dudes that never made it and was always pick last on a team and your still getting picked last in softball!!!! YOU SUCK!
      This guy is a CLOWN!!!!

    4. Now that's funny!
      Your right this guy is a dumb ass and a clown!

    5. Guess you don't know who Khan is. Is this jrod defending himself? Your new to softball kid. Find out who Carlos the sling pitcher is before you say livan is a better softball pitcher then him.

    6. That wasn't me but now this is me! I don't need to hide behind words! If your calling me out you better be credible. I don't need to get into a argument on who's better! I play the game cause I love playing. Everyone has an opinion. I can't worry about what other people saying about me. I know what I've accomplished and I don't need anyone to tell me if I'm the best or not! I play the game the right way every game, even if it's baseball or softball!
      I don't know who you are cause your anonymous but answer me one question: are softball players better then any MLB players? and don't say it's different.

    7. Jay this is your cuzzo Freddie. Don't waste your time with this. All These dudes don't know the Jay from service up who wrecked havoc at all levels. Your a beast. #jrodfactory #Handpath.

    8. This dude is talking about this is my second year playing softball! He must not know I played in brooklyn, queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and let's not forget about the Bronx (Colgate) where I'm the only position player ever to get BANNED from a league! Ask Ricky if I'm the only position player people ask him to bann me from different leagues!!!!!!
      Mr. Anonymous in the words of Jay-Z ( ALLOW ME TO REINTRODUCE MYSELF MY NAME JOHN JROD RODRIGUEZ!!!! Google me and ask around you will find out. Find out the facts first before you talk!!!!

    9. Colgate you got banned in a A players league that was funniest shit I ever seen. Felt sorry for that pitcher you made retire that day.

  21. J-Rod is the best softball player in NYC. He has been playing for two years and has put up some of the best numbers ever. And he is getting better. His skills translate perfectly from baseball to softball.
    So who is second best? Castillo or Lou22?

    1. Perkins throws a perfect game in big Apple. Yeah let's just give jrod title of king of softball in all of NYC. Jrod respects the game and is a competitor. I'm pretty sure he will tell you into you do it all over you can't be considered the best.

    2. Perkins throws a perfect game in big Apple. Yeah let's just give jrod title of king of softball in all of NYC. Jrod respects the game and is a competitor. I'm pretty sure he will tell you into you do it all over you can't be considered the best.

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  23. BTW Lefty from the Phillies probably the best pure hitter I've seen! Ang Cp11

    1. Lefty was a great hitter. I seen him put the ball wherever you told him for shits and giggles.

    2. Lefty was a great hitter. I seen him put the ball wherever you told him for shits and giggles.

    3. Lefty was a great hitter. I seen him put the ball wherever you told him for shits and giggles.

  24. And I take JROD everyday! Ang Cp11

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  28. JRod is the Best simply because he has played in the Majors and it shows every time he takes the field. Best all around player in NY today. No debate.
    Now move the clock back a little and
    I would say from about 1993 -94until about 2010 Lou Gonzalez 22 was the best all around softball player period. He was a True 6 tool player (average, power, speed, arm, defense and makes his team better )
    only played to win attitude in a good way. Stole runs with his speed and was just flat out aggressive . Never listed to a third base coach .

    He also pitched really well so that makes a huge difference as well.
    On defense he made unreal plays that people still talk about today. Saved JB allot of Runs.��
    Best Quality for Lou G was that he made every player on his team better. He made them all think they were SuperStars and many were not..
    Too Bad Lou no longer plays. Would love to hear what he had to say about all this.