Friday, June 26, 2015

Sub-Mariner Goes 10,000 Big Apple Leagues under the Sea... Paciencia y Fe

When the Marvel Old School cartoons used to come on TV when I was a kid


The Sub-Mariner was my least favorite.

I wanted to See Captain America


or Thor

But when the Sub Mariner came on I was always let down. I always felt he was kind of boring and a Aqua Man spin-off type. Plus he always let me down by trying to steal Sue Richards away from her man Mr Fantastic.

Then again, can't blame him, Sue got hotter and trendier over the years. Lol

However, over the years other Mariners have come along that I've really liked

but recently another Mariner let me and a lot of people down:

The Big Apple Mariners

as they have dropped out of the Big Apple League. We tried to help them but they were beyond repair and eventually sunk 10,0000 Big Apple Leagues under the sea.


Re-Booting the league has not been easy. More work and changes need to happen.

It might take Super hero effort to get the job done, but it will. The number one power we need right now is Patience and Faifth. Paciencia y Fe - every hero has it

 Paciencia y Fe

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  1. oooooh! Lin-Manuel is standind right next to me, and he is not pleased you are using his stuff!!!! ANG CP11