Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DH... HardCore View... Avoid this trap

This blog is strictly for the Hardcore baseball and softball junkies. I usually don't alienate my audience that quickly (usually by the 2nd sentence), but today I feel like having a good old fashion SB strategy talk about the use of a designated hitter "D.H". The D.H has been debated and debated over and over again in baseball and many players are very valuable and famously served in that role

You No Big Papi
Guys like Martinez and Ortiz are probably Hall of Famers (difference makers).

Advocates Love the D.H as :
  • Offense - it creates runs, entertainment
  • Ability to let older players keep playing and earning
  • Hate seeing pitchers hit
  • Allows pitchers to stay in games longer
Detractors (Purists) argue:
  • It’s not traditional
  • Takes strategy out of the game – bunting, pinch hitting , intentional walks,  pitching changes
  • Creates less emphasis on fundamentals (moving runners over, defense, small ball)
Personally, in baseball I like it the way it is.
  • Nation League No D.H; 
  • American League employs a D,H. 
This creates good old fashion baseball talk and conjecture. Examples include:

  • "This pitcher stuff would be better in the N.L than A.L” or vice versa
  • American League is Stronger
  • What do I do with my D.H in the World Series?
  • D.H do or do not belong in the Hall of Fame (I think they do)
Cool hardcore stuff that all baseball nerds love.

In Softball I am Pro D.H all the way all the time. Simply put from a participation standpoint it allows more players to get in the game. Over a long season this is very important as it gets people involved, at bats, and qualified. However, beware the D.H trap.

Common D.H Traps:
  • Having too many D.H/E.H heck even Catcher, 1B types on a team is a recipe for disaster. This is not a batting cage, Fielding and position flexibility counts.
  • Big Game D.H - When comes to the big games (mostly playoff games or position games late in a season), you should not use the D.H just to use a D.H. In other words, this hitter must be a good hitter AKA a difference maker. For example, Choice Parts D.H last year was John Miranda, we all know what he did in the deciding Game 5 of the Championship

Johnny Blaze from NYPOW Productions on Vimeo.

Difference Maker

Use your D.H wisely both is season and post season. Don't just give it and outs away.

Strictly Hardcore

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