Monday, April 13, 2015

Going Through Changes

A one week spring training took place this Sunday in Central Park where many veteran Big Apple players got out to knock off some rust off and take stock of the sweeping changes that have occurred in 2015. On a laid back day the Insider caught up with many players who had mixed feelings:

Some were pumped up and Couldn't Wait for a New Start

Others Modified Advocates were low key and open minded

Some players were not happy, opened up and Let it All out citing Conspiracy Theories that rival those of the Kennedy Assassination

Some were disappointed,  understood the changes, but unfortunately were int erupted by other hurt open pitching advocates who needed to keep letting it out.

At the end of the Day One Man summed up the New Season, legendary Larry Merchant, I uh mean Bobby Fishman

That guy is a trip. Better than TV. And yes I need a new camera man.

Insider Analysis:
These changes were long over due and debated at nausea for 8 years. 10 Man Modified Softball is 10 Man Modified Softball. All other fast pitch softball (sling, open, etc) is 9 man softball. The two don't mix.

There are 5 new teams this year, two or three will be good, 2 or 3 will struggle. At the end of the day play ball. If you have the Love.

As an aside: The Insider would like to apologize to How Israeloff as he gave an excellent interview, but due to budget constraints did not make the final cut. My bad brother I owe you one.


  1. You have th love.

  2. What's the scouting report on the new teams after week 1?