Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shoeless Ricky Jackson

The Insider made his debut with his New team Sandlot today with Style, bad style, that is as he forgot his cleats and had to wear his new managers Aneudy Perez  cleat.

That's right the pictures don't lie as I only wore 1  cleat. Oh by the way the cleat was 2 1/2 sizes smaller than my regular size.


Top Reasons I  only Wore 1 Aneudy's cleat

10. Ass kissing
9.  New Team Initiation/Hazing
8. Good Luck

7. Ghetto - Bring A96 to B96 - You Know How We Do!
6. Daddy Overload

5. Stupid
4. Loser
3. Had a sprained left foot and could only fit one Toddler Shoe
2. Softball Whore. Shameless

and the #1 Reason I only Wore 1 Aneudy's cleat

1. No real #1 just pick anything you read 10 thru 2 above and insert here

Welcome Back NYC Softball

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