Friday, July 4, 2014


Happy July 4th!!!!!!

Time for some Fireworks!!!!!!!!!.

When I was growing up the 4th of July was the deadliest A96 day of the year. In a word it was

As after dark everyone ignited fireworks and it became a war zone.

Nowadays "acquiring" fireworks is illegal

but possible and what if your an average B96 type of person

 and want to "find" some Fireworks you should ask yourself who in the softball community can help me acquire some stuff

Let's Explore

Top Ten Softball Community Sources to help you find some Fireworks

10. Rick - old days yes. Now No. Original Washington Heights pyromaniac until mom bitch slapped me in front of friends and that was over.

9. Bandanna Man - maybe he brought some from California?

Nah too busy betting on Legends to win NY Fast pitch league now that they have Lou 22

8. Jimmy Bitros -

Maybe - Tough hood on upper east side Park Avenue gives him access. Dangerous neighborhood though sp be careful.

7. Guby - duhhhhh - no explanation necessary

6. Fat Freddy - The Bronx could be a good place to go and "find" some Fireworks how about looking up Bronx Stars Softball  commissioner "Fat" Freddy Gonzalez

"Nothing to see here people nothing  to see"

5. Bob - a lot of shiesty stuff happens in Staten Island maybe Bob can help you

If anything goes wrong Bob will probably responds "the Computer makes the schedule" and the cops will let you off.

4. Richie "No Show" Christy - another Staten Island connection

Not reliable - he won't show up for the drop off anyway

3. Charlie "Champ" Bailey - original Washington heights original

Anyone who umps pickup knows how to live dangerously

2. John Sheppard - Hell's Kitchen

Nah John is retired now. Too busy watching the world cup and enjoying life.

and the Number One Softball Player to help you find some fireworks

1. Mickey Peckins - Obvious.

Probably driving back up from North Carolina Now

Be Safe Everyone.

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