Saturday, May 25, 2013

No Taste in a Hollow Victory

With all the holidays, career and family commitments, plus bad weather it's been hard to get a softball game in the last couple of weeks. Well Wednesday night, I thought I had my chance as I had two teams that I'm on each playing at times where I could make both games. Cool.


Instead of an overdose of softball all I got was two hollow tasteless (no flavor) victories:
  1. Hollow Victory #1: Charter Fabric wins by forfeit - as stated in my 2007 blog, there is No Honor in Winning By Forfeit. Better to lose in your cleats than win on a technicality.
  2. Hollow Victory #2 : Weintruab wins 12-0 over a very underwhelming opponent. Blowout wins are part of the game and after a long layoff they are OK so you can get your work in and enjoy the rare good weather, but deep down in your heart you know you really proved nothing.
These type of victory have no honor, no flavor, no taste and leave you unfulfilled.

Recently in the real world another type of tasteless hollow victory occurred when Congress — caving in once again to the National Rifle Association — refused to pass sensible and needed reforms on gun control (yeah I haven't forgotten about you fake "quote unquote" defenders of the 2nd amendment).

Last month , at the biggest moment in nearly two decades for those who seek to limit the spread of firearms in America, the U.S. Senate chose to duck the issue. Even though 90 percent of Americans support those measures including many gun-owners who reject the NRA's extremism, Republicans, backed by a small group of rural-state Democrats, rejected more extensive background checks for gun purchasers. Also failing in the Senate were proposed bans on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. This is truly a hollow, and tasteless victory as the Senate came up six votes short of the 60 votes needed to extend federal background checks to almost all gun sales. Measures to ban the sale of rapid-fire military-style rifles and prohibit ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds also failed. I mean c'mon who needs automatic weapons? Answer no one.

The NRA and gun industry lobbyists got their way in another shameful display of political influence and hides behind democracy to fuel their capitalistic agenda at the expense of public safety. They follow the Archie Bunker "Guns for Everybody"  philosophy on gun control

(fyi the late Carol O' Conner "Archie" was a brilliant actor, classic show)

They are bullies, liars, hypocrites and assholes. Am I goon name calling? You are damn right I am! I despise bullies. Despise. So how do you fight these bullies? With a rich intelligent bully of course.

As everyone knows I have been very critical of Mayor Bloomberg's bashing the little guy approach, but when it comes to gun control the man knows what he is talking about. He hates the N.R.A and isn't scared of them. Here are some Bloomberg quotes:
  • "President Obama and Vice President Biden deserve credit for their leadership since the Sandy Hook massacre," Mr. Bloomberg said about the campaign for gun control. "But even with some bipartisan support, a common-sense public safety reform died in the U.S. Senate at the hands of those who are more interested in attempting to protect their own political careers — or some false sense of ideological purity — than protecting the lives of innocent Americans." 
  • "This is a disgrace" 
  • "Criminals won" 
  • "The only silver lining is that we now know who refuses to stand withe the 90% of Americans and in 2014 our ever-expanding collation of supporters will work to make sure that the voters won't forget"

    I completely agree and Bloomberg he is to be commended on his stance versus the N.R.A. 
    Bully on Bully crime. 
    Love it 
Unlike most politicians Bloomberg's outrage isn't limited to self-righteous press releases. He is taking matters on to his own hands, I mean his own deep wallet by launching an expensive national campaign going after 3 Democrats and 11 republicans who voted against the bill and are up for reelection in 2014. It always bothered me that Bloomberg used his money to buy a third term in NY, but in this case I am so proud of him. Who else can go dollar for dollar against the bullies of the N.R.A ?

Oh yeah, those N.R.A bullies fired back (bad pun intended) by criticizing Bloomberg on spending his money against them. How hypocritical is that? Like the N.R.A doesn't use all it's money to influence voters. How the hell do you think they beat a 90% majority opinion against them? Money, blood money, that's how.

Bloomberg is not alone as the White House and other supporters of responsible gun laws aren't giving up on gun reform. "I see this as just Round One, If this Congress refuses to listen to the American people and pass common-sense gun legislation, then the real impact is going to have to come from the voters." 

Enjoy your hollow tasteless victory for now N.R.A as the real competition will come in 2014 as
The White House and other supporters of responsible gun laws aren't giving up on gun reform. "I see this as just Round One," said Mr. Obama, flanked by relatives of Newtown's victims and former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in 2011. Looking ahead to the 2014 congressional elections, the president said, "If this Congress refuses to listen to the American people and pass common-sense gun legislation, then the real impact is going to have to come from the voters."

When I pass my vote next year I won't forget, neither should you. That victory will be sweet and meaningful.


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  3. Hollow Victory #3: Any BASL game in which the better team loses to the superior pitcher ie at least 50% of the games over the past 5 years including fraudulent champions.