Friday, May 24, 2013

Aftermath: "Are You Not Entertained" ??? New Softball Slaves are Not

Has the long layoff from Mother's Day, the torrential Rain. and the Memorial Day Weekend subsided the "crossing the line" blood fever that has gripped the Big Apple league for the last 3 weeks? The answer is simple and resounding. NoAs each comment have been more passionate, personal, and heart felt than the prior the Mob that is the league may have been entertained.

but not satisfied. Let's breakdown the Aftermath decisions that have ensued:
  • Disciplinary Action 
(1) Two Highlanders Suspended & (2) One Highlander warned, One Ranger warned (me)
Insider Analysis: 

(3) Highlanders remain in League have a bye June 2nd, Play again June 9th
Insider Analysis: 
Good Move. Highlander manager Dio Jackson should be given a chance to re-focus his troops and make a run for a championship. The long layoff is a blessing as it will somewhat subdue the blood fever and make everyone want to play softball

(4) Highlander-Ranger double forfeit game two verified.
Insider Analysis: 
Stupid. A continuation with all suspensions in effect should have occurred. The umpires who made that decision were morons and should be the ones punished (fired), not the players. No make-up game between the Rangers and Highlanders has been rescheduled. Mistake

From a player's note, I have asked the league commissioner to play the Highlanders again. Yes a request game. One thing about the Highlanders that I admire is that they duck no one as they "request games" against top competition all the time. The Rangers need to emulate that attitude and re-play a high quality opponent like the Highlanders before the playoffs begin. We are willing. A crossover game is imperative not from a win-loss standpoint, but from a  sportsmanship and more importantly from a Ranger diamond credibility perspective. Next time a real softball game will happen and everyone will be able to release all the venom before the playoffs. Who knows we might get lucky and play two good games.

(5) No Disciplinary Action for near brawl in Brother Jimmy - Highlander game
Insider Analysis: 
Guess the League never got the umpire report on the near brawl between the Highlanders and Brother Jimmy's? Umpire report? Really? No warning? No suspension? Nothing? Mistake. Someone fucked up. The blood fever will not ease on this one.
  • Big Apple League Policy Changes
(1) Effective Immediately if your ejected in game one you are automatically ejected game two. Plus your are subject to further disciplinary action
Insider Analysis:  Better late than Never. Never late is better. Good move

(2) Pitching Changes - None
Insider Analysis: This was their chance for change. Instead nothing but self serving interest talk about next year. Wack. So fucking Wack. Everyone knows that most likely everyone except one or two "grandfathered" pitchers (fill in the blanks) will be banned next year. This whole situation reminds me of the quote from the new Kanye West song "New Slaves:

 "You see it's leaders and it's followers But I'd rather be a prick than a swallower"

(incredible performance)

Kanye image is that of an asshole, but his passion, talent, and originality is undeniable. He isn't afraid to tackle difficult subjects and his "New Slaves song" does just that. I admire that.

Sometimes I can be an asshole, but I am not afraid to address a difficult subject like this pitching situation because in this we are all softball slaves in chains

to both

  • An establish that is simply failing to address this issue and 
  • All our desires to win
More on this beat a dead horse topic below
  • West Remains in Big Apple League, for now
The outcry for West to remain has been both sincere and hypocritical from throughout the softball constituency.  It is clear that when forced by the opposition they will also join the ranks of non modified by using Softball Hall of Famer and Legend

Carlos Contreras. 
(Editor's Note: That as was Carlos picture from the 80s when he played pro ball - love that picture great stuff. Also, it is ironic that Carlos is one of the few that can pitch both open and modified and know the difference)

Insider Analysis: 
Can you blame them? Answer No you can't. This will lead the league down a path of further arguing, whining, lying, and manipulation. 

Sadly, it could have all been avoided and the Mob will not be happy as they remain slaves to the modified versus non-modified pitching issue.


  1. Thats your guy right there - karlos Kon for president. He knows pitching, the game, and no one will fuck with him lol.

  2. Maximus the merciful ! , Marcus the Magnificent !

  3. So everybody is gone except JB which is how the problem started in the first place.

  4. So instead of making the Big Apple MORE legal modified it is going to be even less legal. What a surprise (not).
    How will the slingers who have tried to modify their motion(Parker,Terry,Rocca,Langer,Miranda,Armando,etc.) now throw after they have watched Carlos?
    Who will Highlanders bring out now?
    Big Apple has become the joke of NYC softball.

  5. A doomed joke at that.

  6. Hate to say i told ya so but "I TOLD YA SO" Ang hk#11

  7. Hopefully the umpires will see the difference between those pitchers who have changed their delivery to conform to modified
    (- both feet facing home at all times, - body and back foot moving forward upon delivery) to an open sling pitcher told by their teams to not even make an effort to throw legally and just throw open sling.

    1. Yeah, that's what they'll do. Especially after 10 years of not doing it.