Saturday, February 9, 2013

Counting Teams = Counting Drinks

My 11 blog series on my 2012 season documents all the teams I played on last year. While writing these entries and throughout a season I frequently get asked "How do you play and keep tracks of all the teams you play on?" I usually respond by telling them that playing on a lot of teams is like counting drinks at the bar because

Top Ten Ways playing on a lot of Teams is Like Drinks at the Bar

10. No Count Factor
Bar - If you count your drinks you’re more likely to mess up your high. 
Softball - If you count the number of teams you’re on your also more likely to stop and mess up your high. Why stop doing something you love? 

9. Safety   
Bar - You don't count your drinks if you’re not driving home because a friend or cab will get you home safely.
Softball - Not only do you want to get home safely and score, but if your health allows you to play then do so as much as you can. Do it as long as you can as time has a way of getting away from us.

Bar - Drink responsibly. If you become an alcoholic get a sponsor. 
Softball - Play financially responsibly. Playing can be expensive so go get a sponsor.

6. Flavor - needed in both
Bar - wine, beer, or rum without taste is useless. 
Softball - without competition, a goal, or something to prove is useless

5. Unemployment
Bar - the less you work the more you drink. You're more likely not to count.
Softball - the less you work the more you play. You're more likely not to count.

5. Escape from Reality and Stress Relieving
Bar - When you want to blow off steam and get away from everything you're more likely not to count drinks
Softball - in the time spent at the field there is no recession, no bills, no work, it's a sanctuary. No need to count teams, if the game makes you feel this way.

4. Quality over Quantity
Bar - It's not how many drinks you have its knowing which ones make you feel nice. Quality matters, bottom shelf liquor is nasty
Softball - At some point quality does become more important than quantity. Best of Both worlds is having both.

3. Ugly/Stumble
Bar - After a lot of drinks even the ugly girls look good and you're bound to stumble when you drink too much.
Softball - There is bound to be some ugly games when you play on a lot of teams. You're bound to stumble at some point

2. Fly Factor
Bar - Bar flies sit around a bar all day and don't count drinks. They just drink and drink all day. It's what they do. No need to count drinks
Softball - Not only do you catch fly balls while you play but softball versions of bar flies just play and play and play all day. No need to count teams.

and the number one way playing on a lot of Teams is Like Counting Drinks at the Bar

1. Score
Bar - Unfortunately, you're going to have settle the score at some point with the owner so at least have an idea of how many drinks you've had
Softball - Count the game score and wins & losses, not the number of teams. 

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