Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day feel the Love .. Announcing my 1st New Team of 2013

Hope you're all having an awesome Valentine's Day as the Insider and Mrs. Top Ten

wish you much love. Yes I am a sucker and bought Astrid a card on this fake commercialized holiday, always will. Love you.

As many of you are aware recently I completed my 11 part series detailing my memorable 2012 season, but with Valentine's Day love in the air and pitchers and catcher's reporting this week, I can think of no better day to announce my first new team for 2013.
My team's name is "The Twins"and I have my uniform

A Manager

Special senior advisor

A dugout

Gear for my new 2013 teammates

and of course we have 2 promising rookies on the roster who are developing everyday

I am going to be a Father in 2013. Finally!!!!!!!!!

I'm everything right now:
  • Scared
  • Excited 
  • Nervous
  • Happy
  • Everything
While I know I only have easy uncle and godfather

experience, I also know that I've always been a late bloomer and at almost age 44 (June) that I can still do the job. I'm looking forward to playing with, developing, and teaching this new team everyday for the rest of my life.

Yes I know less softball, less sleep, more worrying, more bills, but this is special. Astrid is almost 20 weeks pregnant with twins, and my championship dream of seeing her hold our children in her arms is coming true. She so deserves it as she is beautiful inside and out. She will be an awesome mother.

As for senior management, she had a hunch something was in the works

, but was still very surprised about Twins

 and of course, pumped up

for the new season and acquisitions.Even my former club partner, best man at my wedding, and long retired softball friend Ed "Liberace" Garcia is looking forward to seeing my new team

(Ed finally made the blog and he lost at poker that night - how awesome is that )
And of course you my softball family, thank you for sharing this with me. Like every parent I want my children to avoid the mistakes that I've made and become more in life than I ever attained. I also don't want a rift to exist between me and my kids like I experienced with my father for many years before patching it up. Hopefully my kids will read the blog one day and will understand

Patience at the fatherhood plate will be needed as it's going to be hard, but worth it.

Another new great season lies ahead. In more ways than one.


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