Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's the dead of winter and that means Snow and lots of it.

While I was shoveling snow it got me to thinking about which is harder to do
Shoveling Snow or Fixing a softball field so without much further ado
let's compare Top Ten Style.

Top Ten Comparisons Between Shoveling Snow and Fixing a Softball Field

10. EFFORT/Hard Work - Both are strenuous activities.
EDGE : Fixing the field
Sorry but the field is usually a harder, mushier, and messier area, no one wants to help you and you don't feel like doing it. It can be blazing hot and you feel like you back in 3rd world Cuba or DR working on your grandfathers sugar cane field.
Plowing/removing snow ain't fun, but its the lesser of these two evils.

9. FUN
EDGE :Removing Snow - not even close - Snowball fights, snow angels, sledding, tackling people in the snow is a must. Try that while fixing a field and you will be buried deeper than Jimmy Hoffa in the Meadowlands.

8. Workout Factor
Edge: Fixing the Field.
You hear every year about people who get heart attacks while shoveling snow, but
but generally it has been my experience that taking out water and raking/shoveling mud requires more strength, endurance, and energy. It's like a construction triathlon.


Like all jobs if you have the right equipment you can get the job done more efficiently.
Shovels, rakes, picks, salt, quick dryer, snow blower, trucks, line powder, line drawing, tarps are all musts. But if you don't have the right equipment you might have to do what I did last summer check out classic blog
to find out how I improvised

6. Fans
Edge : Removing Snow
While shoveling snow usually helpful family members and neighbor encourage you, however when fixing a field impatient, cranky, and rude goon players heckle and blame for you for a Random act of God.

Occasionally you get players that want to help, for example not only did KO pitcher Gilbert lend a special "squeegee" device to remove water but he also fixed two fields in the pitch black of night and then the next day he threw 3 games.

Like JFK said "Ask not what your league can do for you, but what you can do for your league"

5. Employees
Edge : Snow
If your too busy, lazy, tired you can always ask a neighborhood kid to shovel snow for like $20.
But in Softball, it's Mafia and it's big business.

Chelo is Inwood groundskeeper "El manger DE El Terreno" and after he gets the work done, he gets plastered (actually he's drunk 100% of the time), he listens to bachata music and yells "La Renta La Renta" over and over at you until you pay him.

4. Law
Edge : Fixing the Field
Their is no Law that you have to fix the field, that's the lazy parks departments job.
But like most things in life if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.
We all fix the fields out of love and desire to play the game.
However, if you own property or a car the law makes you clear the snow otherwise someone could slip and sue you.

3. Patience
Edge Fixing the Field
When you remove the snow you can just pile it safely out of the way, But after you remove water, rake a field, the you have to wait for the sun and wind to dry the surface.
Patience is a virtue.

2. Sense of Accomplishment
Edge : Fixing the Field
I know it's retarded but you are always proud and brag about you great a job you did while fixing a field, not even close.

and the Number One Comparisons Between Shoveling Snow and Fixing a Softball Field

1. Bevarges
Edge : Shoveling Snow
I know Chelo would say otherwise but Liquor does not mix in both. Bro it hard physical work. Water and/or Gatorade is must while fixing a field.
While Coffee and hot chocolate hits the spot after shoveling snow.
Sorry but the latter is tastier

Overall Score
5-4-1 In Favor of fixing the Field.
What the fuck????
Fixing the field is a shitty job????????????
This needs a recount

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