Thursday, April 7, 2011

Under the Radar Classification Rivalry Highlights The Big Apple 2011 Season Opener

This Sunday, April 10th, 2011, is the Big Apple Softball League's opening day
and it features 6 very compelling match-ups :
1. A reloaded 2007 Champion West vs a competitive Gotham team

2. Central Park dynasty Lucky's(Contact) vs a talented and maturing Empire squad
3. 2009 Runner Up Finish (these guys get good sponsors) vs. the improved Bombers
3Peat Champion Choice Parts vs always tough Brother Jimmy's
5. Surprising 2010 Playoff qualifier Revolution vs 201
0 Runner Up O'Hanlons

Revolution has recruited Hired Gunn Rudy Robinson to be part of their management structure so you know what that means

6. And finally, in the prime 3pm hangout time slot, the best under the radar rivalry in the league pitts 2010 Division Champion Diesel vs Working Class "WC"

A rivalry can manifest itself based on geography, common divisional opponent, physical confrontations, bragging rights, or just good old fashion hate. While you might not know it on the surface the heated Diesel - WC rivalry is very real. It based on the mantra "hell hath No Fury like an ex-ball player scorned" as both teams currently have many players on their squad that used to play for the other side.

Not only does familiarity breed contempt, but so does the ruthless world of recruiting as both teams have gone head to head over
trying to recruit similar players. So far this year Working Class has won the recruiting battle, but the on the field war has not yet been decided. Legendary Working Class manager Marty is pumped for this season

Ironically, WC finds itself in 2011 where Diesel found itself in 2010, looking to go from out of the playoffs to a contender and with returning impact players plus upgrades they will likely be playing for much more than pride in 2011.

welcomes, embraces, and considers their challenge a privilege. We don't trash talk, we don't steal players, we don't whine and complain to umps and make excuses. We just play. True Class will be revealed on Sunday.
CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!


  1. let the games begin! and the sun shine (i hope)

  2. Good stuff insider!

  3. Good luck.
    Unless you play us.

  4. Anyone know of any place to get one's teeth cleaned?

  5. Ricky,

    Your blog is priceless. Great stuff!!


  6. Ricky, you're a funny dude! Marty is a great guy. Opening day of the Big Apple! Baby. May we all have a fun season because it is why we play ball. No 4 peats!

  7. 4 peat haters. I know who wrote this.
    I know who you are and we are closer than some might think.

  8. Down with West.