Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fallen on My Softball Sword

In my previous posting,, I poked fun at the numerous people who called me in an obvious early Sunday morning rain out scenario. Please know that while I will always directly go after softball people and organization that are blatantly evil, wrong, and corrupt, I would aslo NEVER intentionally write anything mean spirited or disrespectful to throw anyone under the bus. If anyone was offended by this posting, I deeply and sincerely apologize as I have fallen on my softball sword. I appreciate your readership and friendship and hope we can all go out there and just Play Ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - oops I have to apologize for that as well b/c we can't b/c it's raining again today.

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  1. As someone who gets 5 to 10 Softball related calls most Thursdays,Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and even more when the weather is iffy, I sympathize with your frustration. I even get calls from people who ask me if it's going to rain later in the if I'm the only one with a radio, newspaper, TV or computer. It used to annoy me too but after awhile I just accepted it as "just the way it is"
    Look at it this way....these are your friends and you do what you can to help them even when most of the calls are from people who aren't even on your team.

    JIM Bitros