Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Softball WeatherMan - Raise the Red Flag

Last Saturday night it poured like the end of the world and when Sunday morning dawned people seemed to confuse me for a softball weatherman. Now while Al Roker and I have slimmed down a bit, we will never be confused as hot weather reporters like the naughty Karla Luna

(gotta love the who cares what I'm saying I'm taking off my clothes attitude)

Yet between 7:30 and 9:30 Am I received numerous calls and text messages regarding the Sunday central park field status.

Here are some accounts:

Call #1
7:45 am Charles Salzberg - manager Westies
Charles quote "Ricky We have to go the to the field b/c the other team's manager cannot contact his team:
Ricky : This reminds me of years ago when on a rainy day crazy Willie Ferrer asked me "If I had called the Astros (other team)". I was thinking Huh? Who gives a fuck about the other team?!!! Anyway, I asked Charles to go to the field and let me know if games were on.
Solution: Wait till 8:30 and go back to bed b/c games were off.

Text 7:40 Am
Ralph Serrano - Player Westies & Rangers - All day Sunday : "Is the game on?"
Rick Response "I'm waiting home till 8:30am till Charles goes to field and he becomes one with the universe and cancels all the games"
Ralph Response "OK"

Phone Call #2 7:45 AM
David Nelkin - Sunday Morning Player and Sunday Afternoon Big Apple Manager
David" Hi Ricky are games on?"
Ricky Response "I'm waiting (and thinking how the fuck did you get my number????)"
David response :"Wanna call me back"
Ricky Response "Not really"

Phone Call #3: 8:00 AM
West Manager and lead softball insider analyst John Sheppard

Ricky Response" Let me call Big Apple Commissioner Jeff Marcus and get back to you

Next I called Jeff Marcus and he said

Ricky Response " "

Next Call 8:30 Am
Jimmy Bitros - manager Rangers

Ricky Response "I will be there"

In addition, I received other numerous text messages and emails. Needless to say I just got too many fucking weather calls too early in the day. So next time the weather is iffy I am doing like the fields and putting up a Red Flag and close up shop.


  1. Hahaha! I love the still photograph theater productions! Priceless.

  2. I wouldn't want Dave calling me either.

  3. That weather person is unreal. That set the women movement back 100 years. I wouldnt be shocked if he/she had it tucked. Ive seen many Trannies working the streets and they had those high cheek bones and low voice(trying to hard to be a women)
    Jimmy Meyers