Monday, October 25, 2010

Learn to Fly Again

Everyone loves the Etrade commercial with the babies talking. My favorite is one with the "Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly Again" song :

Well Knockout (KO) had lost 6 of 7 games (five by one run) and trailed game two of their Must Win doubleheader with Las Estrellas by the score of 4-0 entering the bottom of the 1st. These softball wings and some spirits were truly broken as many of us throughout the day openly talked about how hard it was to play a game that deep down we didn't know we wanted to win.

A funny thing happened in the middle of game two - we rallied and took the lead!!!! Then another fight involving KO broke out as Las Estrellas tied the game. But instead of things getting worse, they actually got better. This fight was the final straw for our team as we resolved ourselves to just play hard, have fun, and more importantly I could sense that the doubt inside us was gone - replaced with the spirit/chemistry to win. We did just that thanks to a very nice clutch catch by Gubi - yeah you read that right - Gubi showed defensive Leadership and propelled us to victory and an exciting playoff match up with two time defending champion The Westlanders.

They say losing doesn't build character - that it reveals it - and for the remaining Knockout players who fought along with me on this last day :

Jack, Gubi, Alex, Omar,Norberto, Juan G, Blonde, Gus and Gubi - I just want to say - Thank You - your character and resolve through our broken wings period is truly appreciated


  1. What happened to #22...Stewart Kershinbaum...#22?

  2. Gubi is a class act and a great player.

    Jim Bitros

  3. Learn to fly again...
    Ozzie Dio comments

    You went away from what made Knockout...Knockout.
    You followed Gil's lead (recruiting) and it hurt you in the long run. Gubi is a better evaluator of talent. Blondy lost his fire.

    The KO team that beat the Highlanders at Inwood in 2006 is the concept you need to rebuild with. Great chemistry, solid defense, good situational hitters, and guys who PLAYED TO WIN! That team was scrapy and played with HEART.

    You may have had better "talent" this year but a lot of those guys don't know how to play TEAM BALL. Many of them were selfish and egotistical. Those were the same one's who burned you when you needed them to show up and perform.

    Guys showing up late for a playoff game drinking coffee is a sign of weakness, better yet...a sign of people who just don't give a fuk. Those guys were the same one's you invested all of your trust and loyalty in. Where was theirs?

    I know my opinion doesn't mean shit but it wouldn't be me if I didn't post a comment.
    Plus...I love Inwood and I like Knockout. I would hate to see that team fade away.......