Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not Worthy

People often ask me how do you come up with your ideas and topics? Well,
being the Doctor Strangetype of guy that I am, before I decide to cast a softball spell over my audience I find it's important that I understand what's NOT worthy
to write about that way I can focus on real issues.

So let's go over my Top Ten Things in Softball that are NOT Blog Worthy
10. Anonymous Comments - I love my readers comments but Anonymous ones are like Johnny Drama and the rest of the cast on Entourage
just along for the ride and lack substance.

9. Illegal Pitching - yawn. Britney Spears is more interesting than this topic and that's so fucking bad b/c unless Britney is naked she's worthless to talk about

8. Wack leagues - you know who you are. Your days of getting free publicity on this site are done. So go softball ponzi scheme elsewhere

7. Requests to get on the Blog - These are usually selfish, egotistic, or mean. Thank you for reading, but c'mon the blog is like the hot girl at the club or school you can't ask to be on it. You have to be interesting to get on both.

6. Bashing Teammates/Friends. Unless your Scarlet "Black Widow" Johansson in Iron Man
spewing venom will not be shown on this blog. Bashing teammates/friends is tacky, leads to the softball dark side, and is Not softball god approved. If you want dirty laundry go elsewhere.

5. $$$$$ - there is no real softball $$$$ running Inwood plus we are not a public company even though in the softball community we maintain a triple A credit rating with our customers.

4. Next Year - Today is a gift that's why it's called the Present - got that from Kung Fu Panda

- love that flick. Sorry Next Year is for younger guys and after fall ball is over. Now will never come again.
3. Inwood Schedule Making Process - I have no control over it as the computer makes the schedule. So why complain or talk about it?

2. Personal Statistics - I've written numerous blogs on stats in softball and while we know numbers don't lie they are unquestionably skewed in softball and fail to tell the whole story. As we all know the blog tries to tell the whole story so I try and go beyond the numbers. So while I respect all my fellow Sabermatricians out there, I think most stats in softball are useless/boring. But I will do a future blog on what stats I would like to see in softball.

and the Number one Topic in Softball that is NOT Blog Worthy

1. Winning a championship in a Weak League - Winning a chip in a weak (no competition) league is like beating up the class nerd. Nothing to be proud of and just an act of a bully pounding his chest for self gratification.


  1. No drama,no show.

  2. What's worse bro: writers block or a slump? You seem to suffer from neither.
    = )


  3. Boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,.