Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It's the Citysoftball playoffs and the goal in softball is simple WIN!!!!!!!!!!! But when your drawing up the SOFTBALL Blueprints you have to expect complications along the way. Rain? Fixing Fields? Angry Managers? Bad calls by umpires? Goons? Assholes? Looking for parking? Players dissing you? Collecting League/Ump fees? Losing games? Errors? Luck? Getting Players to Qualify/Show up? Not exactly an easy softball Blueprint to predict/build, but at least in the real world we have Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 Album which I highly recommend

Many of the BluePrint 3 Songs relate to the playoffs so

Top Ten Blueprint 3 songs that relate to the playoffs

10. Song : What We Talkin About
Marc and Kennedy are playoff ready

Are you?

9. Song : Thank You
Juan and I would like to thank the entire league for another successful season despite horrible fucking weather. Mother Nature is a Bitch

9. Song :D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tunes)
The words to this jam say it all "La, da da da, hey hey hey , Goodbye" - win or go home in the playoffs

8. Song : Run This Town
Ok no one in our league
looks like the lovely Rihana

but everyone is trying to Run this league by winning the Championship

7.Song : Empire State of Mind
Sorry but I can't imagine softball being an more fun to play in other state but NY. The combination of people from different backgrounds and the impending winter.. make fall softball special. So Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

are completely on point when they praise NY in this inspiring jam.

6. Song : On to the Next One
Westlanders won last year, now they're off to the next one.

5. Song : A Star is Born
Every year in the playoffs a softball star is born. Anything can happen and it usually does.

4. Song :Venus vs. Mars
Trojans vs O's
Danny Mac vs Westlanders
Bonao vs Fanaticos
KO vs Box Car
Venus vs Mars

3. Song : Already Home
This league is our softball home.

2. Song : So Ambitious
Gotta be hungry to win

and the number one song on Blueprint 3 that relates to the citysoftball playoffs

1. Song : Young Forever - best song on the album
That the way softball and playoffs make us feel


  1. Ricky - Couldn't agree with you more about NYC being a place of great diversity...maybe the most diverse city in the world. Gotta admit that Empire State of Mind gives the chills even to an old white guy like me. Nice to have a new City anthem. Where else would I have the chance to play with guys from DR and PR and BR(ooklyn)? Softball is a great equalizer...we're all judged on our ability and are out to have fun and win.