Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tres Leches Myth = Three Games Myth

A funny old Hispanic wise tale says that if a woman wants to get pregnant she should eat Tres Leches
Tres Leches or Pastel de Tres leches (Spanish, “Three milk cake”), is a sponge cake,—in some recipes, - soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and sour cream. Obviously this myth isn't true, but it is very hickish, kinda funny, and in any case it is a very good tasting dessert. Good stuff

Another myth that isn't true is that tres "3" softball games is too many games to play in one day. Nonsense. Any true softball fievrue (person with the fever to play) loves to play 3 games in a day and that's exactly what's happening in Inwood this Sunday as due to multiple rain outs all teams will most likely play three games this week. What makes the three game scenario most interesting is that teams will be fighting for their playoff lives due to the shortened 11 game season. I mean where else can a 1-7 teamlike the Panthers have a shot to make it to the playoffs on the last week of the regular season if they run the table. Adding flavor to the 3 games in a day experience is that it involves playing multiple opponents. For example, another team fighting for their playoff lives will be George Alonso's Danny Mac's "DM" squadled by chain smoking Inwood legend Tommy Hegelson's (left below)DM has the daunting challenge of facing the defending Citysoftball's Champion The Westlanders in a doubleheader.
The Fran (above) and Tommy match up promises to be a classic. Depending on the outcome of this doubleheader, the DM's third game could be a batten down the hatches war elimination game against CHAOS!!!!!!!!!

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Another team fighting for their playoffs lives is the extremely talented Box Car ball club which consists of an array of Central park legends.
Box Car's young ace Phil Green might have to throw 3 tense late afternoon drama packed games against the likes of the
1st place Trojansand the hungry Orioles to get his team to November.

While some teams are fighting to make the playoffs other teams like Stud Hitting Bonao
will be looking to improve their playoff seeding. Bonao's experience and power will be pitted against Knockout's young double play combination of Alfi Hernandez and X-ManThese 2 teams might play each other 3 times depending on playoff ramifications.
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So after a long day of 3 games softball on Sunday, sit back and have some Tres Leches to start a family, or at lest have fun trying :))))))))

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