Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poll Analysis: We're off to See the Wizard!!!!

Steve "Merlin The Wizard" Jimenez has won the "Favorite SB Commissioner" poll on by capturing 35% of the popular vote. Congratulations Merlin!!!!!!! When I first put up this poll, I received a couple of emails saying that Juan "Blonde" Moreiras would win in a landslide, but that went down the same path as the famously incorrect newspaper headline that read "Dewey Defeats Truman".

Top Ten Reasons The Wizard Won the Favorite SB Commissioner Poll
10. Blonde's 2008 Halloween costume
offended too many Democratic voters and cost him the poll election.
9. People voted for the surprising popular "None of the Above they are all shiesty (21% of vote)" took votes away from other candidates.
8. Dude look at the competition? Al Morales and CJ ??They got no votes - Ross Perot style
7. The Voters were mesmerized by a spell cast upon them by the Wizard when he engraved his name into his glove
6. ?????
5. Key State Florida votes went Steve's way like the 2000 Presidential election
4. It was softball fans way of saying thank you to Steve for being the commissioner who brought them the Cardinals-Westlanders semi-final playoff series
Hopefully, his league will continue to have games like that.
3. Pitchers who have been banned by CJ and Blonde all voted for Steve b/c he's banned from pitching in those leagues as well and they could relate.
2. Steve's Corporate sponsor connections gave him large campaign money contributions, like ironically Blonde's sports bar (no relation to Juan), that propelled him to Victory
and the Number One Reason The Wizard Won the Favorite Commissioner Poll
1. Most of the players in Steve league live below 96th street and have more computer access than players in other leagues.

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  1. For all of you who complain about Jeff Marcus, he came in 2nd place...something Mr. Softball neglected to mention. This is the real upset!