Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You Have To

It's rained 6 out of the 8 weeks this fall which has resulted in numerous late starts and rain outs. Wha!!! Wha!!! Wha!!! Yeah, I know it's brutal. Yeah, I know it sucks. So all the precipitation has drained your softball anticipation. OK that's normal. So now what? How the Hell do you get your swagger, energy, and enthusiasm back for the playoffs?

Top Ten Reasons to get your Swagger, Energy, and Enthusiasm back for the Inwood playoffs.

10. Pot Committed Approach - Too late to fold now, gotta play it to the end so that you can minimize the impact of the
9. Recession - you don't make that much money by winning, but at least you get your $$$$$$$$$ back. In the economy, the mantra "better than nothing applies" so you mimic a gambler who is chasing his wagers
8. On NFL games. Ask yourself what's better : Playing playoff softball or staying home all day and watching the Same Old
7. Jets torture you for three hours. As your team has a better chance of winning Citysoftball.com than they do of winning the
6. Superbowl - Citysoftball.com is your version of the Superbowl as you only have to be better than someone for one day. A golden opportunity for teams that have flown under the radar all fall now to
5. Capre Diem - "seize the day" - Now will never come again, and the
4. Winter - is almost here this is your last chance to embrace your
3. Love for Softball b/c
2. For a few hours at least it is more than just a game, you escape reality as the rest of the world doesn't exist/matter, and you put your talent, heart, and soul into it b/c

the #1 Reason to get your swagger, enthusiasm, and energy for the Inwood playoffs

1. YOU HAVE TO - You can't be like former Philly Ace Cole Hammels
and "Wish the season is over". Whether your having a great or terrible personal year it doesn't matter anymore. You can't quit. This is it. You owe it to yourself to try and finish out strong as anything else would be cheating yourself, your team, and the league.

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