Friday, October 9, 2009

Paciencia y Fe = BUMS NO MAS

It took several weeks of patience and faith of dealing with rain outs, holidays, and field availability issues but the Westies have won the 2009 Bum Rush League (was that picture taken in 1929??? ... nah just too much sun in the photographers face). A lot of people put down the Bum Rush League, but like the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers
they are bums no more. A lot of people think the quality of competition is low, but the reality is that the league is well run, plays one nine inning regular season game a week, games are early (9AM) and start on time, and has shown very good competitive balance/upside/enthusiasm the last couple of years thanks to addition of Big Apple veterans like Michael Peckins, Eric Zabarkas, Ralph Serrano, and Juan Parra (even though I hate to admit it when it comes to Juan). The league is fun.
You guys remember the word fun?

Some guys play in it because they can only play mornings, some guys play b/c they love to play all day, some guys play in it to get at bats, some guys play b/c they get to play positions they don't otherwise get to play (i.e. Michael Peckins pitches), while other guys play b/c they manage elsewhere like championship manager, and now championship Westies pitcher, John Rosenmiller.

One fair criticism is that the league does not allow leading until after the ball crosses the plate which leads to the "old man league" stigma. So you don't seen any Jackie Robinson
mad dashes to the plate, but I am confident the league will repeal this rule in 2010.
So instead of dissing the Bum Rush league why don't you get your drunk fat ass out of bed and come out and make it better?
PS Congrats again Westies .... A truly wonderful bunch of guys


  1. If all teams play using the same rules it is fair.

    Juan Parra is a bum and cry baby. If he was as GOOD as HE thinks he is he would have stepped up in more competitive leagues.

  2. With all due respect to Anonymous at 10/9/09 @ 1:54 PM, if you're going to call someone out as a "bum and a cry baby," please put your real name down. Otherwise, that's a lot worse than being an alleged "bum and cry baby."

  3. Even if Juan is a bum and a cry baby, he won a championship and is a good player. How much bling do you have this year?

  4. First, all the rules are the same and it is fair.
    That said Anonymous, way to be a chickensh@t and dis someone and not be man enough to admit to it.
    I doubt you have won anything because winners don't do that type crap - so unless you played on Choice Parts, Lansky's, The Gents, Westlanders, Old School, RJK, Weintraub, Charter or The NY Times(weds afternoon) am I forgetting someone? Leave your "anonymous" comments to yourself.
    So, expect to see you with a team out there next year that will easily win the championship.

  5. Kenny Walsh said,

    with regards to the rule of not leading until the ball crosses the plate, I think it's a great rule and shouldn't be changed. It allows us older guys and teams to stay competitive with some of the younger and faster teams and guys in the league like Ricky Rhonda and Juan Parra. Great season, looking forward to an older and slower next year!

  6. Kenny Walsh

    Did I screw up my posting? I'm not Anonymous!! I'm still pissed at Juan for his winning hit against JB and Choice Parts three years ago!

  7. maybe jb shouldn't have laid it up right down the middle for happy gilmore to cream

  8. Juan Parra is a good ballplayer/nice guy & has played in many competitive league(s) & championship teams. I have played with & would play with JUAN PARRA ANYTIME. Anonymous "How many championship teams?" & what competitive league do you play for?


  9. Westies in the house. Great Chip guys.

  10. JJ is a very close personal friend, as far as his ability as a softball player goes he makes one hell of a soccer referee!

    Take time to stop & smell the pizza!