Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ricky Balboa

I've always been a sucker for Rocky Movies.
They started out academy award quality

and got lost somewhere along Rocky V (avoid avoid avoid)

then ended strong with the Rocky Balboa flick

One of the best parts of all the Rocky movies is the training.

Without getting into the whole corny "Eye of the Tiger" thing one of my favorite lines is when Apollo Creed tells Rocky "There is No Tomorrow" when Rocky gets lazy and has no focus

Well I felt a little like that a few days ago.


I weighed myself. The scale said 228 lbs.
I'm a fat motherfucker.
Anyway, no time to feel sorry for myself.

There is no tomorrow.

It's time to get into shape.

That means the dreaded 4 letter word.


I will be 40 this year.
The older you get the harder it is to lose weight.
My goal is 205. 23 pounds.
I know I can do it.

What my prediction for the battle of the bulge?

Like Mr. T's famous quote in Rocky III


Time to get to work

Man, I hope my swings improves as my waist line does.

Anyway, it got me to thinking. A lot of softball players need to lose weight.

Top Ten Reasons you should lose weight for softball

10. Improve your Ability - this is so false.
Trimming down will not help you hit, throw, or catch.
Those are skills.
Forget softball do it for yourself
9. You'll look better and be asked to take more pictures with tourists in Central Park.
8. You pants will fit looser and you won't look like a bitch in them.
7. It's hot out there. Being a fat bastard in hot weather is brutal and dangerous.
6. Vanity. Everyone will tell you how great you look, as Billy Crystal would say "It's better to look good than play good"
5. People will think your faster. Your probably not but at least some people will think it.
4. Energy
3. Set a good example for the kids.

These are Blonde's kids. Do they really need to see Uncle Ricky as a tub of lard?

2. Develop Mental Discipline - The game of softball is like a diet, you must sacrifice and commit yourself to succeed ( psycho stuff I know)

and the Number One Reasons you should lose weight for softball

1. You'll be in shape to pick up your girl and celebrate a championship!!!!!
Yo Adrian!!!!!!!

YO ASTRID!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Now at least you'll fit those baggy ass uniform pants you wear.